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You are not alone. Read that sentence again. And again. And again. And again.

Easier said than done, however, because when faced with what could be one of the most difficult decisions of your life, it’s easy to feel alone. A stable support system from friends and family can be vital while in the adoption process, but sometimes this is simply not enough – read on to discover if going through this process with an adoption agency is the best option for you.

Is it possible for me to place my child for adoption without an adoption agency?

Yes; choosing to go through with adoption without an agency is referred to as an “independent adoption.” It’s in the name – this is a choice that birth mothers can make if they have independently chosen an adoptive family, and if both the adoptive family and birth mother feel confident in having ultimately all control over their adoption process. Independent adoption does not include all of the benefits that an adoption agency would have, so more often than not, the birth mother/adoptive family are responsible for independently finding and utilizing attorneys, counselling, and resources involved in the adoptive family’s ability to adopt.

Why should I journey through adoption with an adoption agency?

It may seem cut-and-dried with independent adoption, but often, the process of adoption can have a lot of unexpected fluctuations that can be overwhelming to deal with on your own; for these and financial reasons, there are heavy restrictions on independent adoption in many states, including Connecticut, Massechusets, North Dakota, and Delaware (FindLaw). If you are feeling less confident in your adoption process, there are also things that perhaps even the strongest support system cannot solve, including finances, legal parameters, and choosing an exceptional adoptive family for your place child. Sometimes, even the simplest kinds of help can be relieving; it can be beneficial just to talk to a professional and get their honest opinion about something, or to talk a certain decision with which you’ve been having problems. An adoption agency can provide clear and unbiased thoughts regarding your adoption decision.


Choosing to move forward with an adoption agency can largely dissolve many financial worries, including expenses relating to childbirth and the cost of living while pregnant. These are costs that sometimes can seem easy to deal with if one is prepared for pregnancy and adoption; however, if faced with an unexpected pregnancy, the cost of living, medical care, and legal advantages can put quite a dent in a savings account. When handled with an adoption agency, the relief of cost-mitigation can leave you to focus on the most important parts of the adoption process – your well-being and the well-being of the place baby.

Adoptive Families:

One of the most important decisions to make in adoption is the adoptive family. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by this decision, look no further than Adoption Choices to give you in-depth information on potential families. Adoption Choices requires thorough background checks and screenings of families, including photos and bios to give you as real of a look into their lives as possible. These resources can help birth mothers search for and find the most perfect fit for the place baby’s future, which can be an intimidating task to complete on one’s own.

Moving Forward

You are not alone. Travelling through adoption with an adoption agency, and particularly Adoption Choices, can help a daunting process turn manageable. When trying to operate 7,000 different things at once, it can be easy to feel small and overwhelmed, but we are here to help you realize that you have the ability to take control of it. Let an adoption agency think about the big things for you – don’t sweat the small stuff. With support from Adoption Choices, we won’t just be a legal aid, we will be your partner.

For more information about the adoption process through an adoption agency, talk to us at Adoption Choices of Texas.

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