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Why Do Birth Parents Choose Adoption in Texas?

By Mackenzie Sutton

When it comes to adoption, many adoptive families are praised for choosing to adopt a baby. However, on the other side of the situation, birth parents are often shamed for choosing adoption. Outsiders sometimes call birth parents irresponsible or selfish for their decision. Yet, they don’t know the situation that led them to choose adoption. 

Placing your baby for adoption is not easy; however, birth parents choose it for a good reason. Many parents struggle with giving up their baby for adoption because they aren’t sure if their cause is “acceptable” enough. Allowing someone else to raise your baby can sometimes be emotionally stressful.

Remember that there is no “wrong” reason behind placing your baby up for adoption. The reason behind every adoption is unique to each birth parent. To better help others understand some common reasons parents place their baby up for adoption, we will break down five common causes.

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Birth Parents May Be Experiencing Financial Hardships.

Raising a baby will be very expensive. When raising a child, clothing, food, and medical expenses rack up quickly. Usually, if a birth parent feels they cannot provide for their child financially, they will choose adoption. Though some women want to raise their babies, it may be impossible without the proper funds. Whether a birth mother is out of a job or makes a low income, being financially stable is a top consideration when taking care of your baby. 

Another perspective to look at is birth mothers whose child has special needs. Raising a child with special needs adds to a whole different level of expenses. Sometimes when a child has special needs, they require more medical attention, therapy, counseling, etc. If a birth mother lacks the proper resources to handle a situation like that, they often turn to adoption.

If you decide putting your child up for adoption is the option for you, Adoption Choices of Texas offers assistance when it comes to the following:

  • Your housing situation
  • Financial stability
  • Medical care
  • Counseling support

Some Birth Mothers Are In Abusive Relationships.

A common reason behind women giving up a baby for adoption is that they are currently in a situation where abuse is prominent. If you’re experiencing an unplanned pregnancy while part of an abusive relationship, keeping and raising the child may be extremely dangerous. Knowing that you can’t provide your child with a safe environment is often a common reason for placing a baby up for adoption.

A Birth Mother May Be Too Young To Properly Raise a Child.

In some cases, teenagers and young adults experience unexpected pregnancies. Typically these young birth mothers will place their babies up for adoption because they can’t properly care for a child. Many of these girls want to focus on finishing school and establishing themselves before becoming a parent. For some, it may be scary to think about devoting their entire lives to a child who will need them 24/7. This is a prevalent reason why mothers choose adoption.

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy at a young age and unsure where to start. Reach out to us now. Adoption Choices of Texas is one of the local adoption agencies that provide services in numerous cities in Texas.

A Pregnancy Was A Result Of A Sexual Assault.

Unfortunately, a lot of adoption reasons stem from cases of sexual assault. Sometimes women who have been sexually assaulted will find themselves pregnant after the assault. Women who experience sexual assault will deal with trauma for the rest of their lives, affecting their ability to raise a baby. This ultimately throws them in a sticky situation where they question if they want to keep the baby or choose adoption. 

In the case of a sexual assault, please contact your local authorities or the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-4673 if you or anyone you know has experienced a sexual assault.

The Birth Parents Simply Cannot See Themselves Becoming Parents.

Some parents who experience unplanned pregnancies have no desire to become parents, at least at this point. Many people never see themselves becoming a parent, which is perfectly fine! If you’re someone who doesn’t see yourself with a child, the birth parents will consider adoption to give their baby the life they need.

Often, many birth parents don’t see themselves becoming parents because of their current situation. 

A few examples of situations some birth parents go through:

  • Drug usage on behalf of both parents.
  • Homelessness 
  • Financial instability

All of these are reasons we suggest you consider the adoption process and give up your baby for adoption. 

The Adoption Process in Texas

Understanding the process of placing a baby up for adoption is a must if you want a successful adoption journey!

If you decide that adoption is the right choice for you, our goal is to do our best to guide you through the adoption process.

  1. If you find out that you’re experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, we first suggest reaching out to your local healthcare provider.
  2. Decide whether adoption is the route you want to take.
  3. If you choose adoption, contact us to discuss your options. You can also decide which location is easier for you as we serve numerous cities, including adoption in Houston.
  4. Create your adoption plan. This is where you’ll discuss the type of adoption you want (no prenatal care adoption is still an option.) You’ll also discuss your family preferences. 
  5. Discussing the birth fathers’ rights.
  6. Choose the adoptive family.
  7. Staying safe and healthy throughout the pregnancy.
  8. Signing and Finalizing the adoption paperwork.
  9. Take advantage of our counseling services after the adoption is final!

If you are looking for an adoption center near you as an expectant woman or birth parent learning more about adoption, contact Adoption Choices of Texas. You can call us at 945-444-0333, text us at 945-444-0333, or email us here. If you are hoping to adopt, please visit us here. We look forward to helping you through your adoption journey!

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