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What is Relinquishment?

In the context of adoption, this term generally refers to a birth parent voluntarily giving up his or her parental rights of a child, so that someone else can adopt the child. The term “Relinquishment” is also very commonly used to refer to the actual relinquishment documents that are signed by the birth parents as part of the relinquishment process.

In practice relinquishment is a bit more complex. Generally, parental rights are transferred to an agency, rather than directly to the new adoptive parents, so that the agency can maintain the level of confidentiality or privacy that the parties desire and have agreed to in the adoption. The agency then passes the parental rights on to the adoptive parents who adopt the child. Later, the adoptive parents will go in front of a judge for an adoption finalization hearing. No, the birth parents do not need to be present (typically, special circumstances apply).

Adoption Choices of Texas is experienced in the adoption process and we will take care of all of the legal woes for you – with you! Birth parents working with us receive counseling and always, explanation of their rights.

Requirement of Consent

When a birth parent consents to an adoption, they agree to relinquish the child to another family. The parent releases all their parental rights and responsibilities. States generally require that consent to adoption be in writing and either witnessed and notarized or executed before a judge or other qualified official. The birth mother and father (provided he has established paternity) hold the primary right of consent with respect to adoption in all states.

In many states, unwed fathers who don’t file a notice of a paternity claim may lose their right of consent. Unwed fathers who don’t respond to an adoption notice usually lose this right as well. Finally, birth parents’ consent to adoption is not required if a court has terminated their parental rights.

Adoption is more than it seems at first glance. This holds true for birth and relinquishment. Luckily, the professionals at Adoption Choices of Texas are here to guide you through the process of adoption and relinquishment, whether you are a birth mother or an adoptive parent. For more information, visit Adoption Choices of Texas and we can discuss your unique circumstances!

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