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What is an Adoption Plan? How do I Create One with Adoption Choices of Texas?

By Shaina Santagata

If you have found yourself looking for answers to your endless questions about adoption, you’ve stumbled across the right place. When facing an unplanned pregnancy, and adoption is what you believe to be the best choice for you and your baby, we are here to help you with your unique journey. After working with birth mothers for many, many years, we understand how concerned you may be.

Our adoption specialists have helped countless women in your shoes go step-by-step through creating adoption plans and eliminate the worries on your mind now. If you have never heard of an adoption plan, you might be wondering what it is and what something like that consists of. Should any of this resonate with you – no matter what stage of your pregnancy – we are happy to share our knowledge on the entire process!

What is an Adoption Plan?

An adoption plan allows you to create the blueprint for your baby from the beginning of the adoption process. For any birth mother, putting their baby up for adoption is a challenging and selfless decision. We do our best to help take some of the weight and worry off your shoulders. Our trained adoption specialists have helped hundreds of birth mothers work through what they want for their babies and the future they will have with their adoptive families.

While an unplanned pregnancy can make it feel like you have little to no control over what’s happening, we want you to know that with Adoption Choices of Texas, you will always be in control of what you do and do not want for yourself and your baby. Your adoption plan is entirely in your hands. We are here to support you and provide guidance as you need it.

Why is an Adoption Plan Important?

When a birth mother creates an adoption plan for her baby, everything she wants gets documented; no decision is made that did not have the approval of the birth mother first. All her wishes and choices are respected. Should you want anything to be changed – at any point in the adoption process –  it will only be made solely by the birth mother and no one else. Adoption plans create room for the birth mother to be candid on all of her required preferences. It ensures a perfect fit for the child when adopted and provides emotional clarity.

Having a plan in place can bring peace of mind and relief after being so conflicted about what to do or where to go with an unplanned pregnancy. Our adoption specialists can answer any questions you might have and bring clarity to each step. However, we will never pressure you to choose one thing or another. Your pregnancy is your journey; only you know what is best for you and your baby.

What are the Steps for Creating an Adoption Plan with Adoption Choices in Texas?

What is an Initial Consultation and Needs Assessment?

Our adoption specialists take all of your considerations and wants for your baby to heart. Once we obtain all the essential details from you, we can move towards finding the perfect family that matches your criteria. All adoptive individuals and families that come to Adoption Choices of Texas are required to complete their own self-assessment. The assessment will include full background checks.

Other required information will include personal finances, obtaining references from those who know the adoptees, checking for any alcohol or drug use (to be screened by a licensed physician), etc. We want our birth mothers to know that we take this very seriously. We do everything in our ability to give you peace of mind the day your baby goes home with its new loving family. You don’t have to cross your T’s or dot your I’s. Once you create your birth plan, leave the rest in our hands, and together, we can find the light at the end of the tunnel for you and your baby.

What Type of Adoption Plan Would You Prefer for Your Child: Open, Closed, or Semi-Open?

Choosing the relationship you want to have with your child is a challenging decision. There is no right or wrong with any of the three adoptive options. It is up to you to decide what you believe is the best scenario for your baby. We understand that this part is quite a lot to think about. Take your time. There is no need to rush and choose at this moment. Think about how each choice fits or doesn’t fit into your life and what you’re going through now.

  • An open adoption allows the child the opportunity to know their birth mother and have information about their cultural and ethnic background. Plans to have the adoptive family send pictures of your child and receive letters from you at specific points in their life (i.e., special milestones like birthdays, graduations, marriage, etc.) 
  • A closed adoption is when a birth mother decides to have no communication at all with your child once they are adopted. Many birth mothers choose this option, especially when they feel it is best for themselves and their baby.
  • Lastly, a semi-open adoption is a mix between both open and closed adoption. The adoption agency will mainly handle the interaction, as they will assume the role of the mediator. There would be limited identifying information (i.e., birth parents’ names and addresses) given to the family who adopts your child. 

What type of family would I like my child to be adopted by?

For every birth mother, the answer is different. We diligently screen all families who come to Adoption Choices of Texas excited and ready to adopt a baby. We do all the legwork, so you don’t need to! You can choose a single, married, or LGBTQ+ family. You can select a family that already has children or wants an only child. The adoptive family you choose can have the same religious background as you. You can also decide the characteristics you wish the adoptive parent(s) to have. You can also choose if you’d like the family to have pets. If you don’t have any preferences in these areas, that’s perfectly okay, too!

What are the Benefits of Working with Adoption Choices of Texas?

Our empathetic and experienced team will support you via call, text, email, or social media wherever you feel the most comfortable. The decision to put your baby up for adoption is a challenging one to make, especially on your own. You can listen to other birth mothers and their journeys if you join one of our support groups. It will provide comfort, knowing that you are not alone.

There is no limit to how long or short you must be in the group counseling sessions. We also have one-on-one counseling. Our mission and passion is to provide birth mothers and their babies with the love and support they deserve. Your baby will be with a wonderful family. And it’s your time to focus on what you need for yourself to heal. From the beginning, we hope you feel embraced and guided by our team at Adoption Choices of Texas, and we look forward to being here for you every step of the way!

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