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What is an Adoption Disruption and why is it Important to me as a Birth Mother?

By Vanessa Martínez

Adoption is a highly emotional event in a birth mother’s life. It is a time filled with complex decisions that you must make about your child. Some of these decisions are not up to the birth mother, but they are still events you must consider in your decision. Adoption disruption is a complex and emotionally charged aspect of the adoption process that occurs when an adoption plan fails to reach completion. Understanding how the timing of the disruption can have an impact not only on you but the child as well is very important. When searching “adoption center near me,” you will find  Adoption Choices of Texas, which is here to help with any questions you might have about this process. 

Defining Adoption Disruption and Timing

Adoption disruption is when an adoption plan is terminated before it is legally finalized. This means your child won’t be placed with the family that had been intended for them. Disruption can occur at different points in the process, including before the birth of your child, or after. Sometimes post-birth disruption can also be referred to as adoption dissolution. Pre-birth disruption can occur for several different reasons during the process.

One example of this might be you, the birth mother, backing out of the adoption. This might seem far-fetched if you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and think that adoption is the best option for you and your child. However, sometimes circumstances change. This could be for several reasons, including attachment to the child or a change in your financial situation, amongst other reasons. Another reason pre-birth disruption may take place is the chosen adoptive family not being able to fulfill their role as thought. Legalities or failing a background check can cause a family to not be able to adopt your child. However, if this is the case, a chosen adoption center near you will be able to help you find a new placement. 

Post-birth disruptions can feel a lot more out of your control as a birth mother. Especially if you were done considering adoption and had already put your child up for adoption. A disruption after birth can happen for several reasons, such as legal complications or the chosen family backing out. A good adoption service will help settle your child comfortably into another placement, which should help give you some peace of mind. This news might devastate you, but it’s important to remember that you have the resources that will facilitate the process for your child. 

Emotional Impact on the Birth Mother

The emotional impact of adoption disruption on the birth mother can be very profound for many different reasons. If you choose to disrupt the adoption process because of a bond with your child, you might feel both joy and grief. Joy because you have decided to move into a completely different yet exciting phase of your life with your child.  Grief may also be present during this time.  Even if you have chosen to disrupt the adoption, you may be mourning the lost possibility of the life you could have had when giving your child up for adoption. 

Powerlessness is a big factor in adoption disruption. This can lead to feelings of depression or anxiety when considering these factors that affect your adoption. If the adoptive family that was supposed to adopt your child decides to back out last minute or a legality causes them to not be able to adopt, this can cause a myriad of emotions in you. Feeling helpless is normal, but you must remember you aren’t alone. Whatever agency you choose will help you in the process. As a birth mother, you might also be worried about the stigma from others if you decide to disrupt your adoption yourself. These are all valid emotions and feelings, but it’s important to remember sometimes things are out of both your hands and the adoption agencies in Texas. 

Informed Decision-Making by the Birth Mother

During this time it’s crucial for you as the birth mother to have access to information, counseling, and support throughout the entire adoption process. This includes understanding your rights and the emotional impact of your decision. You should also feel comfortable exploring all your options and consider the long-term consequences of your choice. It’s important for you to feel empowered in making this decision for your child and yourself, even if that means disrupting your adoption plan. 

Adoption disruption is a complex and emotionally charged aspect of the adoption process, especially for you as the birth mother. By understanding the timing and emotional impact of disruption, and being provided with support and guidance, you can navigate the adoption process confidently. Remember, Adoption Choices of Texas is here to support you in any way we can! 

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