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What Is Adoption Counseling, and What are the Benefits of it After Putting a Baby for Adoption?

By Conner Sura

Adoption Counseling, also known as adoption therapy, is where a birth mother who is experiencing guilt and deep sadness can go and receive the help that she needs to adjust to post-adoption life. 

However, it is important to note that not all birth mothers or parents require adoption counseling. Many people experience grief differently, and some might be able to adjust to post-adoption life better than others. No matter how overwhelmed or confused you are, Adoption Choices of Texas’s commitment is to help you throughout your adoption journey, and we will provide a free licensed counselor. 

Emotional Trauma Post-Adoption 

Have you been experiencing a surge of negative emotions following placing your child into adoption? The emotions you are feeling are normal and validated for birth mothers who giving their baby up for adoption. It is an incredibly different and painful thing. Many birth mothers experience post-adoption trauma. Adoption Choices of Texas is here to help you adjust to your post-life adoption. 

That is why we provide birth mothers with a compressive adoption plan that fallacies all your needs during and after adoption. As a private adoption agency in Texas, we work closely not just with you but also with your counselor and the family that is looking to adopt. So that you can receive all the care and support you need to combat negative emotions. Our post-adoption support plan will ensure that you will be able to live the best life post-adoption.

Benefits Of Choosing Counseling After Adoption

Adoption is one of the hardest choices a mother could make. The grief and sadness that follows is normal. Here are some benefits of choosing consoling after adoption. 

Adoption Choices of Texas wants you to know all your adoption options, so that is why we provide pregnancy counseling. You can feel that you are making the best possible choice for you and your child. Our social workers will help you navigate the adoption process, provide one-on-one support, and make you have all the necessary services provided to you. Some of the services are: 

  • Access to support groups 
  • Self-care books on the grieving process 
  • Referrals if the birth mother requires additional medical or psychological care 

Our social workers have worked with dozens of birth mothers and adoptive parents in your boots. They can provide answers to any questions you may have. Along with having the chance to review potential family adoption profiles. 

However, additional services can change depending on the time and location. We are here to help you heal after adoption. Every step in the program is suited to the birth mother’s needs. We want to provide you with a healthy route to the path of healing. 

Who Is Eligible For Adoption Counseling In Texas?

Adoption Choices of Texas’s mission is to provide help to all birth mothers and families looking to adopt, regardless of their background. We want birth mothers to feel comfortable and safe while going through the process. Everyone can reach out to us, and we will help you create a plan that best suits your needs and desires. We have adoption centers all across Texas. You can find our agencies in Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, and Austin

Además, si no habla inglés o no es de los Estados Unidos, puede visitar adoption niños para obtener más información.

 How Long Does Adoption Counseling Last? 

One size does not fit all. This could not be truer with the length of your counseling. The length of your counseling is dependent on many different factors. This includes your adoption plan, the services provided to you, and your own mental and physical well-being. Immediately following the adoption, you will work with one of our adoption specialists and receive your first counseling meeting directly through one of our staff members. And if you need additional support beyond what we provide, we will refer you to a professional that meets your needs until you fully recover. 

We additionally support monthly support group meetings that can take the form of group birth mother meetings, Christmas and holiday programs, along other events that happen annually. 

Adoption Is Not “Giving Up” 

A common stigma is that adoption is giving up. We would like to remind you that birth mothers who put up their children are not selfish. Our adoption specialist understand the pain and grief that birth mothers go through. We are dedicated to helping you adjust to your post-adoption life. When you choose Adoption Choices of Texas, we will help you every step of the way. If you are a mother struggling with an unplanned pregnancy or are struggling with the stress that adoption brings, please call us! 

Un estigma común es que la adopción es darse por vencida. Nos gustaría recordarles que las madres biológicas que acogen a sus hijos no son egoístas. Adoption Choices of Texas entiende el dolor y la pena que atraviesan las madres biológicas. Los sentimientos de estar atrapado, sin esperanza y culpa. Estamos aquí para ayudarlo a adaptarse a su vida posterior a la adopción. Cuando elija Adoption Choices of Texas, lo ayudaremos en cada paso del camino. Si usted es una madre que lucha con un embarazo no planificado o está luchando con la abrumadora cantidad de estrés que la adopción puede traer; ¡Llámenos! Número de llamada en español: 888-510-5029

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