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What is a Hospital Plan or Birth Plan? 

By Julian Burgos  

If you are someone who’s wondered about “putting my baby up for adoption,” some terms you’ll hear being widely used are “hospital plan” or “birth plan.” You might be confused as to what those terms mean and what exactly they consist of. Adoption Choices of Texas is a licensed and private adoption agency that can answer these questions for you.  

If you are someone who has an unplanned pregnancy, you will want to find out what goes into a birth plan and how you would create your own. Giving birth is a personal experience for all birth mothers, and everyone has their preferences when it comes time to deliver. The more you know about how to create your own plan, the more prepared you’ll be when it’s time to deliver your baby and know your adoption options

What is a Hospital Plan, AKA Birth Plan?

A hospital or birth plan is an outline that our agency, Adoption Choices of Texas, helps you create that clearly describes your wishes around your child’s birth. Every detail of your child’s birth will be planned out before you go into the delivery room. This ensures that the wishes for your baby are clearly stated and so there is no confusion. Your hospital or birth plan will determine everything from the pain medication you receive to the position of your delivery.

Why is a Hospital/Birth Plan Important? 

Why put so much emphasis on a hospital/birth plan? It truly all comes down to preparation. The more detail you put into your individual plan, the better prepared you will be on your delivery date and the smoother the adoption process will be. Some key points you will want to include in your personal hospital/birth plan are as follows: 

  • The location of the hospital: Ensuring that you know the location of the hospital that you will deliver in will be important to know. This will give you time to think about subtle things you may overlook, like distance, traffic, and making sure you don’t get lost.  
  • Who will be present in the delivery room with you: When we help you with your birth plan, you will have the option of deciding who will be allowed to be in the delivery room with you. You have the right to decide who will help you through your labor. You can also decide who will be allowed to visit you before, during, and after your delivery. 
  • Who is allowed to hold your baby/will you want to hold your baby: You have the freedom to decide for yourself who gets to hold your baby, including yourself. After you deliver your baby, will you want to hold them? Do you want a moment where it’s just the two of you? These are important questions to think about and things that we can help you decide when you make your adoption plan
  • Pain medication/type of delivery: this is also a conversation you will want to have with your doctor. They will help you decide the best delivery method for you (vaginal or cesarean). Deciding which method works best for you will determine the kind of pain medication you would want administered during birth. 

A Sample of a Typical Birth Plan  

Below is a sample of what a typical hospital/birth plan would like: 

During a one-on-one consultation between the birth mother and her adoption specialist, they both discuss key details about the hospital plan. The adoption specialist asks her who will be her ‘support person’ during the process of her delivery. This person will help her throughout all the stages of her delivery and can be anyone of her choosing. 

Her adoption specialist will inform her that she will have the option of receiving pain medication during the delivery. This goes hand in hand with the type of delivery she will prefer (vaginal delivery, cesarean delivery, etc.). Further consultations with her doctor will be recommended since we are not medical professionals. 

The two of them will also discuss details such as positioning and the lighting of the delivery room. They also discuss whether she will want music played during birth. All these details will contribute to the level of comfort for the birth mother on the day of delivery.  

Your Birth Plan Starts Here at Adoption Choices of Texas 

Every birth mother’s hospital plan is unique to their specific needs and preferences, and we can help you figure those out for yourself. Our adoption agencies in Texas have licensed staff and professionals ready to help you build your own birth plan. 

This step of the adoption process doesn’t have to be figured out on your own. We have experts with years of experience who have helped thousands of birth mothers find loving homes for their children. If you want to learn more information about child adoptions, or “adoption de bebes” for resident Texas Spanish speakers, visit Adoption Choices of Texas today. 

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