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One part of the adoption process that can make or break its end result is often overlooked: what exactly do adoptive parents want to know from birth mothers? While the exact opposite, what birth mothers want to know and also expect from prospective adoptive parents, is always imminent, birth mothers should be prepared for important questions, too. At Adoption Choices of Texas, we want you to be ready for any question that comes your way. Here are some of the most expected questions from adoptive parents amidst the adoption process.

Medical History

Of course, acquiring medical history is a less strenuous process with an open adoption. As adoptive parents in an open adoption, if you ever come across a medical question you don’t know the answer to and you have a good relationship with the birth mother, you should get it answered in no time. However, in a closed adoption, medical history is difficult to attain.

As the birth mother, you are encouraged to be upfront and honest regarding all pertinent medical history during the adoption process, no matter what kind of adoption it is. If you’re approached by the adoptive parents during the process about medical history, always answer honestly.

Birth Father’s Role

Adoptive parents have every right to know how involved the birth father plans to be in the adoption process and in post-adoption life. The birth father can be there through the whole process or disregard any notices about the adoption if he chooses. It’s important that you try to contact him to get an answer, though. If you’re no longer on good terms with the birth father, an adoption attorney or consultant can reach out on your behalf.

They want to know about YOU, too

Be ready for questions about yourself, especially if you’re in the midst of an open adoption. Don’t be afraid to open up! Tell them about your ambitions and hopes in life. The adoptive parents will only appreciate everything you have to say.

Anything else you have

If you choose to meet with the adoptive parents, they very well may ask at the end if you have any other information they need. Be prepared for it. Even if the question doesn’t come up, you may stumble upon something along the way that’s pivotal. Just remember: you want them to know everything they can, so they can give your child the greatest, safest life possible.

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