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What are the Adoption Services Available with Adoption Choices of Texas?

By Shaina Santagata

When a woman is facing an unplanned pregnancy, considering the idea of adoption is a great place to start. Initially, it might seem like there is too much involved and there are too many questions to ask about the adoption process. Here at Adoption Choices of Texas, we assist you in your journey in every possible way. Undoubtedly, this is a scary and unsettling time for a birth mother. We understand that and remove the intimidation from the equation. You might feel vulnerable, and this is where unkind individuals like to take advantage of birth mothers. You will not be asked for any monetary cost when working with a highly qualified adoption agency. If you find yourself in a position where someone asks you to provide money, we highly encourage you to walk away.

You might be surprised to know that there are fewer requirements for the adoption process than you may think, and the state of Texas does not have any state-mandated ones that you need to consider. It takes the pressure off and allows the birth mother to choose what works best for her and her baby from day one. Being able to create your birth plan for your child alongside trained and educated specialists is just one of the drastic differences between a Texas adoption agency and a far less reputable one. We have more information to share if you’re ready to learn more about the adoption process!

What are the Potential Risks of Choosing a Low-Quality Agency?

Unfortunately, there are adoption scams that have affected both birth mothers and adoptive families alike. If something seems “not quite right,” then your gut feeling is accurate, and you should steer clear. In our experience, we have heard of people being scammed out of money when going through a low-quality adoption center or what might appear to be a legitimate agency. When putting your baby up for adoption, you should be provided with assistance, not asked for money or other outlandish requests. Likewise, when adopting a child, you should be able to ask the agency about your options and any resources they might have available to you throughout the process.

Why is Adoption Choices of Texas the best option for families?

Adoption Choices of Texas is a licensed, local, and reputable agency. Birth mothers and adoptees have left raving reviews about our agency and their experience with us. Everyone we help becomes a part of our family as we help them with theirs. Our Dallas location has a 4.8-star rating, and our Houston location has a 4.9-star rating on Google. One of our sweet birth mothers had this to say in her testimonial: “Regardless of which choice you make, it will never be an easy choice. What ifs will always be there? Nevertheless, this was my choice, and I’m sincerely grateful to have found Adoption Choices of Texas. These ladies did the best they could to help me with making the hardest choice I’ve ever had to face.”

We have many comprehensive services, such as home studies, counseling, and birth-parent support.

Home Studies

 When a birth mother chooses the adoptive family for her baby, she wants to dot her i’s and cross her t’s. We know this is a lot of work, and you don’t want to forget any important questions. By doing a home study, we have already done the detailed research for you! Background checks, the home environment, finances, views on parenthood, etc., have all been asked, checked, and verified. We leave no stone unturned before we accept the family as a great fit as adoptees. It brings peace of mind to the birth mothers, and you can take a deep breath, knowing that your child will be safe and loved.

Counseling and Birth-Parent Support

Once your baby is adopted, taking time to focus on your mental and emotional health is vital. We have private counseling available, as well as group sessions for birth mothers who are processing grief. There is no time limit on how short or long you can seek counseling assistance. Until you feel ready, birth mothers are always welcome to find the support and compassion that they need to heal. Putting your baby up for adoption is a difficult decision, and our door is open to anyone struggling to find solace; we never want you to feel alone.

Our Adoption Services Available to You

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff excels with their expertise and unquestionably abide by all Texas adoption laws and regulations. You can view some of our knowledgeable and tenured specialists and learn why they are passionate about aiding birth mothers and adoptees with their unique and delicate journeys. Our Executive Director, Jennifer Morrison, BS, CPMS, has been with Adoption Choices of Texas since 2012. She has been a critical asset to our Dallas location and impacted many lives over the last 19 years. With her is an inspiring and dedicated group of women who continually put their heart and soul into everything at the adoption agency to aid birth mothers and adoptees to the best of their abilities.

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