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What Are My Unplanned Pregnancy Options In Texas?

By Conner Sura 

Experiencing an unplanned pregnancy can be a stressful and terrifying thing for a birth mother to experience, and it can be a complete shock. An unplanned pregnancy creates a lot of uncertainties for birth mothers, ranging from lasting financial problems to mental health and care for the child. Furthermore, Adoption Choices of Texas is here to help you find the right adoption info and adoption services.

Y si usted es una madre biológica de habla hispana busca información adicional sobre adopción de bebés.

What Are My Real Adoption Choices In Texas? 

There are many different options for birth mothers experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. However, Not all will be the best fit. It is important to know which options suit your needs the best. 

Raising the Baby, Yourself In Texas

One of the options, and the most obvious, is to raise your child yourself. One of the most important things to do with your plan to raise your child yourself is to have a strong support network. Talking with family and friends and getting a support network setup may elevate some of the pressure caused by an unplanned pregnancy. This option can give birth mothers a renewed sense of purpose and joy. 

You become your child’s everything. It is not for everyone. This can be for several reasons: 

  1. Children are expensive. The average cost of childcare in the United States is almost 11,000 dollars, and in 2022, the average median income after taxes dropped by almost 10%. 
  2. Age. Raising a child is a huge responsibility. And some birth mothers might be too young to raise a child. They are still learning how to take care of themselves. 
  3. An unsafe environment. Every mother wants the best for their child. This includes safety, and not all birth mothers come from homes that are safe for babies. 

The reasons why a birth mother might not want to raise her child come in many forms, and all are valid. We are here to help birth mothers choose the most appropriate pathway for their adoption plan

Terminating Your Pregnancy In Texas

The topic of pregnancy termination in the United States and the world is a deeply polarizing and nuanced topic. In 2022, the United States Supreme Court ruled that terminating a pregnancy was not a federal right and gave the ruling back to states. Pregnancy termination is illegal after six weeks in the state of Texas, with no exemptions for assault victims or incest. 

Termination can bring many different physical and mental ailments with it. A lot of these ailments are not talked about. Women who terminate their pregnancy can often find themselves depressed, guilt-ridden, and anxious. These emotional ailments can lead to further physical ailments that can seriously impact birth mothers’ lives. 

Choosing Adoption In Texas 

If you do not want to raise your child or terminate your pregnancy, what else is there? You can place your baby up for adoption. Adoption Choices of Texas provides adoption services across several adoption agencies in Texas. We have adoption centers in San Antonio, Austin adoption, Dallas, and Houston. 

Adoption is 100% safe and, if you would like, anonymous. No one needs to know about her adoption plan other than her adoption specialist. That is 100% okay. Adoption is not about giving up your child. Adoption is giving your child to a new family that will cherish them as much as you would. 

Creating An Adoption Plan 

If you choose adoption, you first need to contact an adoption agency. Additionally, Choosing Austin for adoption services can be a great first step. To begin the adoption process you need to meet with one of our adoption specialists and choose an adoption plan. An adoption plan is where the birth mother chooses the type of adoption she wants- open adoption, closed adoption, or semi-open adoption. This is also where your needs will be discussed.

 If you are eligible, we can see what kind of financial, emotional, and mental support you will need. Furthermore, under Texas law, the birth fathers are recognized in the adoption process and have parental rights. This does depend on his involvement in you and your child’s lives. 

You get to choose the adoptive family. The only person who knows what is best for her child is the birth mother. This is optional. If a birth mother does not want to be involved with choosing the adoptive family, this can be left to the agency. 

Lastly, after giving birth under Texas law. A birth mother has 48 hours to waive her parental rights before putting her child up for adoption. We know that this can be a stressful process. We encourage our birth mothers to speak with their specialists and put together an adoption plan early. 

Choosing Adoption Choices As Your Real Choice For An Unplanned Pregnancy 

An unplanned pregnancy can be a shock. Not everyone has the means to raise their child or wants to terminate their pregnancy. Adoption Choices of Texas is here to help and support birth mothers who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. We provide support both in English and Español. Our adoption agencies are trained to provide a safe and healthy environment for all birth mothers. 

If you are a birth mother experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and are looking for information on wrap-around services? Or are you looking to put your child up for adoption in San Antonio TX? O tal vez usted es una madre biológica que no habla inglés y busca información sobre adopción de bebe. Adoption Choices of Texas is here to help. We provide a real choice for birth mothers looking to place their baby for adoption in Texas.

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