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Understanding Why Birth Mothers Choose Adoption

By River Jean-Noel

There are a lot of misconceptions about adoption. Why a birth mother might choose adoption can be confusing to some people. Know this: adoption is a positive, life-changing choice for birth mother and child alike. This is true no matter the reason a birth mother places her baby for adoption. We’ll discuss the common reasons a birth mother might place her child for adoption. We’ll also review some of the feelings a birth mother may experience while going through the adoption process

Why Do Birth Mothers Choose Adoption?

Every person is different, and no two circumstances are exactly alike. By no means is this list exhaustive of all the reasons an individual chooses adoption. These are simply some common reasons a woman might choose adoption. 

Birth Mother is Facing an Unplanned Pregnancy

One common reason a birth mother might place her baby for adoption is in the case of an unplanned pregnancy. A woman always has the right to decide when to have a family. Even though the pregnancy is unplanned, that doesn’t mean the mother has to raise the baby. An unplanned pregnancy doesn’t have to end in a termination, though. Some birth mothers facing an unplanned pregnancy feel that terminating the pregnancy is not the right choice for them. Adoption allows for an alternative that some women are more comfortable with. Although the pregnancy is unplanned, that doesn’t mean the mother can’t plan a future for her child. In short, adoption is a choice that gives a woman control over her and her child’s future. 

If you’re a birth mother considering adoption because of an unplanned pregnancy, Adoption Choices of Texas can support you. We provide an adoption service available to all of Texas, and we’re located in Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas. We even have Spanish-speaking professionals who can help with adopción de bebes, too. 

Birth Mother is Not Prepared to Have a Baby

In some cases, a woman may not feel that she is prepared to have a baby. She may feel unprepared financially or emotionally. Pregnancy and raising a child are hard emotional processes. There’s a lot of pressure, stress, and planning that goes into a pregnancy. Raising a child also requires a lot of time, emotional labor, and money. If a woman doesn’t feel ready to take on that responsibility, she can choose adoption. By placing her baby for adoption, she is planning a future for her child. When a birth mother creates an adoption plan, she knows that the adoptive family is prepared for the child. 

Birth Mother is Unsupported

In some cases, a birth mother may not have a support system. An unsupportive family, or romantic partner, can be a persuasive factor in choosing adoption. Familial approval is a driving force behind many people’s choices. If a birth mother’s family is dissuading her from having the baby, she may take that to heart and listen. She may decide to wait until her family is welcoming to the idea of her raising a child. Also, an unsupportive romantic partner may make a woman feel that she doesn’t want to raise a baby. If she gets pregnant while her support system is lacking, adoption is an option she can consider. 

Birth Mother Wants to Pursue Educational or Career Goals

Sometimes, a woman gets pregnant while moving through major milestones in life. This can include advancing in education or career. Having a baby can be a huge sacrifice in reaching some of these goals. A woman may want to focus all her attention on one goal before reaching another. So, some women might place a baby for adoption to reach their educational or career goals. Adoption allows a woman to plan a safe, stable future for her child while she advances in her journey. 

Birth Mother’s Feelings in Adoption Process

Remember that the adoption process is very hard on the birth mother. She can face feelings of guilt, sadness, and shame. We must make sure to encourage women to look at the positives in adoption. Adoption is a loving choice that a mother makes to plan a positive future for her child. 

Never is a woman “giving up” when she starts searching “place for baby adoption.” She is simply searching for a safe, alternative option for raising the baby. We should move away from using words that carry negative tones toward the adoption process. By creating an adoption plan, birth mothers actively choose a safe and healthy future for their child. There’s nothing negative about giving a baby a loving home. 

Adoption Choices of Texas Understands Why You Chose Adoption

Adoption Choices of Texas is a full-service, licensed adoption center in Texas. We are available for adoption in San Antonio, TX, and many other cities. Texas is a very diverse state. Our diverse adoption staff can cater to birth mothers who speak Spanish looking for help with adopción de bebes. Our mission is to support birth mothers in the adoption process. No matter the reason you’re choosing adoption, we understand and are here to support you.

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