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Top 5 Reasons to Place Your Baby for Adoption as a Birth Mother in Texas

When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, it is understandable that you might feel overwhelmed or confused. That you might know what you want to do, but you aren’t sure where to begin. You’ve researched adoption and found a lot of great information online about it. Yet, at the same time, there is so much that it’s been challenging to identify the key points that relate to your specific situation. Placing your baby for adoption sounds like the path you’d like to take, but you need to be convinced more.

The good news is — you are not alone!

You are not the first expectant mother to be faced with this reality, and you won’t be the last. While resources on the internet are plentiful, it can all too easily get confused by state laws and how the adoption process can differ slightly depending on where you live. That’s why Adoption Choices of Texas is here to help break down 5 of the top reasons to place your baby for adoption as a birth mother in Texas.

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  1. You will have Our Adoption Agency’s Support

In the state of Texas, there are multiple adoption agencies to help you. Yet, it’s important to do your research as each adoption process may vary slightly. Some may also not care about you as an individual or let you be involved in the decisions as much as they advertise online. So, be sure that you write down what you’re looking for, speak with an available representative and choose the adoption agency you feel has your best interests in mind.

At Adoption Choices of Texas, we value you and respect your decision. Choosing adoption for you and your baby isn’t easy, and we acknowledge the courage and selflessness it takes to put your baby’s needs above your own. Our highly-trained and specialized team is ready and willing to help you in any way we can. Placing your baby for adoption with our agency comes at no cost to you, and you also have access to free, safe and confidential sessions with an adoption counselor if you need help processing your unplanned pregnancy and adoption journey. You will be welcomed with open arms and have support from the moment you decide to work with us.

  1. You could Qualify for Financial Assistance

Unfortunately, many expectant mothers face financial hardships during their pregnancies. This can cause a large amount of unwanted stress, which isn’t beneficial for you or your baby. Our adoption agency cares about your health and safety — and that of your baby. If you need an extra hand with finances, consult with your adoption caseworker. Talk to them about your specific circumstances to see if you qualify for our financial assistance program.  

If you qualify, our adoption agency and your child’s adoptive parents may be able to help you cover expenses such as: rent, utilities, groceries, prenatal care, medical bills and transportation. Having this taken care of will allow you to relax and focus on keeping yourself and your baby healthy, comfortable and safe throughout your pregnancy and adoption journey.

  1. You can Customize Your Adoption Plan

Another one of the reasons to place your baby for adoption as a birth mother in Texas is that you are in full control over your adoption plan. What’s more, when you choose to work with our adoption agency, you can customize your adoption plan to fit any specific needs and requirements you have for your child. 

For instance, how involved do you wish to be with your child and their adoptive family after the adoption has been finalized? Would you like your child to grow up with other siblings or pets? Do you have a preference of where your child lives — in a city, a small town or a suburb? Are there any specific family values you’re hoping your child’s adoptive family has? All this and more can be discussed with your adoption caseworker.

  1. You are able to Select Your Child’s Adoptive Family 

Did you know that, as a birth mother, you have the option of selecting your child’s adoptive parents? That’s right! This is yet another amazing benefit of choosing adoption. While you are creating your adoption plan, your adoption caseworker will ask you if you have any requirements for who you want to raise your child. Are you comfortable considering LGBT or transracial couples or individuals? What about single parents?

Once you outlined key points or mentioned areas where you are open, your adoption caseworker will provide you with a selection of adoptive parent profile books. These will have images of prospective parents, details about their life and even a personalized letter to their future child’s birth mother. This lets you get a glimpse into what kind of life your child could have, and what opportunities they may have, depending on the family. When you’ve chosen who you’d like to move forward with, your adoption caseworker can then arrange a meeting between you all, where you can ask deeper questions and establish a relationship.

  1. You can Connect with a Birth Mother Support Group

Perhaps the biggest fear birth mothers have when they consider placing their baby for adoption is that they will be alone. That they will have no one to talk to — especially if their friends or family are not supportive. Sadly, this is a reality that many birth mothers face. However, it doesn’t have to happen with you. 

Many birth mothers have found comfort and encouragement in support groups — especially those geared specifically towards birth mothers. These groups are safe places for you to share your story, ask questions, gain insight from the experiences of other birth mothers and build lifelong relationships with other women like you. Regardless of where you are in your adoption journey, you can join one of these birth mother support groups. This enormous community of women have asked the same questions and felt the same concerns that you have, and they are available to offer you open arms and deep understanding. 

Placing Your Baby for Adoption as a Birth Mother

With the shock of an unexpected pregnancy in Texas comes the uncertainty of which life path to take. Sorting through the various options and navigating the big decisions may seem like a daunting task, but placing your baby for adoption is always an option!  We understand that this is not an easy decision, or one that should be taken lightly, but we want you to know that we are here to help. That there are many amazing reasons to place your baby for adoption as a birth mother in Texas, and that we will walk with you every step of the way.

As an expectant woman or birth parent, to learn more about adoption, contact Adoption Choices of Texas. You can call us at 945-444-0333, text us at 945-444-0333, or email us here. If you are hoping to adopt, please visit us here. We look forward to helping you through your adoption journey!

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