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The Top 3 Reasons to Choose Adoption in Your 30’s as a Pregnant Woman in Texas

Ever since the Baby Boomer generation, there’s been a huge expectation for young adults to settle down and start a family of their own by a certain age. To focus on finding “the one,” getting married and continuing in the footsteps of their parents and grandparents. In fact, the children of Baby Boomers have taken to raising their own family with this same line of thinking. 

Yet, in the current day and day, many women in their 30’s feel differently. There is no real drive to become mothers. Some feel as though they will never have children at all. Instead, the thought process has changed to one that is more health-conscious and career-driven. Maintaining a lifestyle that doesn’t necessarily align with building a family.

If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and find yourself in this category, that is completely okay. Adoption is an option for you, and there are many adoptive families who are ready to raise your baby as their own. Here are the top three reasons to choose adoption in your 30’s as a pregnant woman in Texas.

  • You are Focusing on Keeping Afloat Financially

It’s no surprise that the cost of living in today’s world is polar opposite to that of the world our parents and grandparents lived in. Food, clothing, and other basic necessities for everyday life has become very expensive. Housing prices and monthly rent have also gone through the roof. All of this has changed how many women in their 30’s choose to live their lives. Gone are the days where you could more easily afford a house. Some days are a struggle just to make ends meet.

That said, if you are facing an unexpected pregnancy and can barely provide financially for yourself, this is a valid reason to choose adoption. When you choose to work with Adoption Choices of Texas, you may be eligible to receive financial assistance to help you cover court-approved expenses throughout your adoption journey. This can help ease your stress with finances and allow you to focus more on the adoption process itself.

  • You are Moving Up in Your Career

You love your job. You’re finally working in a company and have a position that you could see yourself in for a very long time. Perhaps even to retirement. The years of college, graduate school and proving yourself to your boss and co-workers has finally paid off. You are now being considered for a promotion you’ve had your eye on from the beginning. 

Putting all your energy into your career can make having a family challenging. It’s easy when your priorities are split. More often than not, one of them will fall to the wayside. When it comes to raising a child — you guessed it — your choice becomes providing for him or her over the job. However, if you are focused on your career and not wanting to lose momentum, adoption is a great option to consider.  

  • You have Chosen Not to be a Mother

Perhaps you were raised with similar values as your parents. That family is everything. That you should want to find an appropriate partner or spouse when you’re older and have a family of your own. This way, you can carry on the traditions they got from their parents — your grandparents. Yet, now that you’re an adult and on your own, you don’t feel the same way. Maybe it’s the uncertainty of things happening in the world. Maybe it’s that you have other things you’d rather focus on. Maybe it’s that parenthood doesn’t feel like your thing. Whatever your thought process, you’ve chosen not to be a mother. You are content with your life the way that it is.

This is valid. Believe it or not, making this decision is one of the reasons to choose adoption in your 30’s. The realization that your child would have a better life with an adoptive family who is more family-oriented. Who has been wanting to have a family, but has been struggling to. An adoptive family who is committed to the parenthood journey. If you feel this way, know that adoption is a wonderful option available to you.

Reasons to Choose Adoption in Your 30’s

If you are a pregnant woman in your 30’s, and you aren’t able to or don’t want to raise your baby, you are not alone. There is no shame in admitting that a baby doesn’t fit into your life plans and that you’d like him or her to be placed with an adoptive family. This is where the magic of adoption comes in! Adoption gives both you and your baby the opportunity to live your best lives.

To learn more about adoption, or if you have questions about how the adoption process may impact you, don’t hesitate to reach out to Adoption Choices of Texas. We are available 24/7 to help. 


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