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The Importance of Post-Birth Adoption Support: How Adoption Choices of Texas Can Help

By Isabelle Bryan

The finalization of the adoption process may be a relief for many birth mothers. However, the effects of adoption do not necessarily end with the signing of papers. There is the giving up of your child to work through and emotions to heal from. It is a process that takes time and—more importantly—support.

There are many ways to find this post-placement support, from birth mother groups to counseling to the care of friends. It is accessing it that may be the tricky part. But we at Adoption Choices of Texas are here to make sure you get the care you need. Our agency provides adoption services including a virtual support group, holiday events, and care referrals. This includes making sure you know how to begin finding the assistance you are looking for. 

Birth Mother Support Groups vs. Agency-Provided Post-Placement Support

Birth mother support groups can take many forms. They may be agency-hosted, provided by a website or company, or even put together by birth mothers themselves. But each provides the opportunity for birth mothers to gather with others who have shared their experiences. The effect adoption has on you may not be the same, but that is what you are there for. To listen, commiserate, and comfort. To offer support and advice, and to let each other know that you are not alone. It is a safe space to share your feelings with those who will understand and accept them. 

The post-placement support offered by your adoption agency may provide you with more options for care. Depending on the agency, this may include a licensed counselor, continued financial assistance, and referrals for aid and community resources. It may also include access to agency-facilitated support groups and group therapy. In order to determine the resources available to you, get in touch with an adoption center near you.

Benefits of Birth Mother Support Groups and Agency-Provided Support Following Your Adoption in Texas

While each birth mother support group may have their own rules and structures, they likely offer similar benefits. These may include:

  • The freedom to openly discuss the emotional consequences of putting your child up for adoption
  • Learning coping mechanisms and self-care tools
  • Giving and gaining encouragement and support
  • Helping you understand that there is no one way to feel post-adoption, and your emotions are not wrong or abnormal
  • Fostering connection and friendships
  • If your adoption is open, discussing visits with or sharing photos of your child. Modern adoption plans often include open adoption in order to give birth mothers this opportunity. That is, making sure you are not cut off from your child if you wish to communicate.
  • The chance to meet virtually or plan meetings around times that work for the group

Post-adoption support provided by adoption agencies may offer benefits including:

  • Continued financial, housing, and education assistance
  • Access to community resource referrals.
  • Opportunities for educational and career development
  • Agency-hosted and led support groups which might provide structure informal support groups may not have.
  • Counseling that focuses on your specific emotional needs. This guidance may also be more objective than the potentially emotionally influenced environment and advice of a support group.
  • If your adoption is semi-open, the assistance of an adoption specialist to mediate your communication
  • Events for birth mothers that may allow you to relax, have fun, and build connections

Challenges Presented By Birth Mother Support Groups and Agency-Provided Support Following Your Adoption in Texas

No matter how overwhelming the positives, it is equally important to understand the downsides of any decision. The potential challenges of participating in birth mother support groups may include:

  • You may not meet often enough to form bonds with your fellow birth mothers.  Alternatively, the group may meet too often and you may be uncomfortable skipping meetings.
  • Your group’s experiences may be too different from your own if the members have primarily experienced one type of adoption
  • The meetings may be too structured for your liking. Alternatively, if you find them lacking in structure, consider finding a group hosted by an adoption center near you.
  • The birth mothers in your group may be overwhelmingly happy regarding their adoptions, while you may not be. Similarly, your group may be primarily experiencing negative emotions, which could have a negative effect on you.

Agency-provided post-adoption support may present its own cons, including:

  • You may not connect with the available counselor or support group
  • Your adoption center may not provide the services you are looking for
  • There is often a time limit—for example, six months—on how long certain support options are available to birth mothers post-adoption
  • If you regret or resent the adoption, you may want to cut contact with the agency immediately post-adoption

How to Access Support Services Post-Adoption

When looking for reputable birth mother support groups, asking for recommendations and referrals may be the best route to take. Perhaps your adoption specialist has an opinion, or a friend or family member knows of a good group. Alternatively, take to the internet. You can always try out groups for a short time and leave if something rubs you the wrong way. If you are unsure if the group is trustworthy, listen to your instincts.

When considering adoption, the process of finding an adoption agency can be difficult. You want an agency you can trust, who can take care of you, and who can keep your child safe. Look up ratings and comments to see how other birth mothers and adoptive parents have felt about the agency. You can also call the agency in order to form a more personal opinion. 

What Services Does Adoption Choices of Texas Provide?

Our adoption agencies in Texas provide a variety of services to the birth mothers working with us, including:

  • Assistance creating an adoption plan
  • Support for those experiencing an unplanned pregnancy
  • Access to a non-agency birth doula during your delivery
  • Financial assistance and housing services for eligible birth mothers. Financial assistance will be provided for about a month post-adoption.
  • Educational and career development opportunities
  • Referrals for medical or mental health care post-adoption
  • Post-placement counseling
  • Virtual birth mother support groups
  • Company picnics and holiday events

The Importance of Finding Support After Giving Your Child Up for Adoption

Post-adoption support is one of the most important parts of your adoption process in Texas. Giving your child up for adoption is no easy task, and its emotional repercussions may last for some time. Additionally, trying to handle every issue on your own often creates more problems. That includes trying to overcome emotional hurdles without help. 

Birth mother support groups and agency-provided support are both options you can take advantage of. Each has their own pros and cons, and it is important to think through which is best for you. And for those who are not sure, Adoption Choices of Texas offers both. You can take advantage of any of our support systems, including counseling, support groups, and holiday events, for as long as you want. And if you would like to look elsewhere, we can provide you with community resource referrals.

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