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The Emotional Journey of Considering Adoption for Your Child

By Maxwell Dallinga

Giving up your child can feel like an impossible feat. For many birth mothers, putting a baby up for adoption can bring about a wide variety of overwhelming emotions. Indeed, the adoption journey can be very difficult. Perhaps you feel grief, depression, or any number of negative emotions at the thought of losing your child. Yet no matter what you’re feeling, there is always another side. By understanding your emotions and the challenges that arise, it can come to terms with the choice of adoption. And, through systems of love and support, you can always find ways to navigate your emotional journey through adoption.

Grief vs. Depression in Your Adoption

Whether you have already gone through or are currently going through a TX adoption, you may be feeling low. Giving up a child is a crucially difficult thing to endure as a birth mother. Thus, understanding your emotional state can be helpful in finding ways to persevere and grow. Two emotional states that are often confused during and after the adoption process are grief and depression. While there can certainly be overlap between the two, knowing the key differences is important.

  • Grief

Grief encompasses a range of emotions after the loss of something dear to someone. These emotions can include anxiety, depression, anger, sadness, etc. For a birth mother, grief can be the expression of the feeling of loss after putting your baby up for adoption.

  • Depression

Symptoms of depression vary but often manifest in states of low energy, sadness, and emotional numbness. For a birth mother, depression can manifest in these emotional mindsets after departing with their child.

It is important to distinguish the fact that there can be overlap between grief and depression. However, depression is often an aspect of the wider emotional spectrum of grief. Knowing how to distinguish feelings of grief and depression can be helpful in understanding your emotional state. 

Emotional Challenges During and After Your Adoption in Texas

Going through the adoption process is a deeply emotional journey. Knowing what challenges you may face or are currently facing as a birth mother is important. Throughout the process, you might feel fear, grief, depression, or even excitement and joy. Thus, it is common that many birth mothers feel overwhelmed when undertaking an adoption. With so many choices and a heavy pressure put upon you, many negative feelings can arise. 

The strain of such an overwhelming sphere of emotions may potentially leave you feeling isolated. Though adoption agencies in Houston will always surround you with an environment of support, it can be difficult. Thus, finding ways in which to feel loved and supported is important. Whether this is through friends, loved ones, or mental health professionals, there are many options for you. Through the many emotional hurdles that adoption can present, finding ways to navigate your journey is important. Yet going through adoption can also be a wonderful and transformative experience. No matter how you experience adoption, it can be helpful to know what resources are available for you.

Seeking Help Through Adoption Process in Texas

If you are experiencing unwanted negative emotions during your adoption, it may be time to seek professional help. If your emotional journey is continuously and negatively impacting your life, it might be time to speak to the professionals. Perhaps the grief that you are experiencing is impacting your ability to socially function in day-to-day life. Your emotions might feel volatile, or perhaps it is difficult to feel much at all. Regardless of your emotional state, if you are feeling an impact on your mental health, there are resources for you.

One amazing resource you can access is through adoption agencies. Adoption Choices of Texas can provide you with the emotional resources you need to navigate your adoption journey. Offering resources like professional counseling and support groups, Adoption Choices of Texas is here for you. Should you be experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, we will help you create an adoption plan. This plan entails how you’d like your adoption to proceed, including choosing their adoptive family. This also includes how involved you’d like to be in your child’s life through open, semi-open, and closed adoption.

We understand the burden that adoption can take on you. That is why Adoption Choices of Texas is here to support you through your journey. Our goal is to make your emotional journey through adoption as wonderful as possible. If you are interested in adoption or want adoption info, consider contacting Adoption Choices of Texas today.

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