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The Adoption Triad in Texas: Symbol of the Adoption Process 

Adoption can be complex and full of many intricacies that are often not thought about until you find yourself contemplating placing your child for adoption. If you are a potential birth mother, there can be a lot of new information to learn very quickly about what adoption is and isn’t. But, there is a positive tool available to not only you but anyone interested in understanding what adoption is and isn’t; the adoption triad. This adoption triad in Texas is the symbol of adoption, and other resources at Adoption Choices of Texas can better help you understand adoption and who is involved!

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What is the Adoption Triad?

The adoption triad is a symbol used to demonstrate the connections of everyone involved in an adoption. The adoption triad is often referred to as the ‘adoption triangle’ because of the shape of the symbol. The adoption triad symbol is composed of a triangle with a heart intertwined within it.

This symbol helps not only potential birth mothers like you understand what the adoption process is, but it gives context to anyone interested in learning about adoption how everyone is connected. The adoption triad consists of the three groups of individuals who are involved in an adoption: the adoptee, the birth mother, and the adoptive family.

Who is in the Adoption Triad?

  1. Adoptee 

    The adoptee is often referred to as the top of the adoption triad. The adoptee is the baby or child that is being placed for adoption, and that will eventually be adopted by their adopted family. And their needs will ultimately come first in an adoption. They are so loved that their birth family will place them for adoption. For many people who don’t know the complexities of adoption, the idea of placing a child for adoption does not seem like a choice that is made out of love. But, it is the most loving and selfless decision that an adoptee’s birth family can make.

  2. Birth Mother 

    The birth mother is the biological parent of the adoptee. They willingly relinquish their parental rights and responsibility after giving birth. This is not done out of selfishness but a desire for their child to have a great, fulfilling life. If you are a potential birth mother, then you are a part of this very important group. Birth mothers are the most important part of the adoption triad. Without you, there would be no triad! It is important to know the sacrifices, grief, and challenges that birth mothers experience during their pregnancy and adoption journey.

  3. Adoptive Family 

    The adoptive family in the adoption triad is a couple or single individual who is seeking to become a parent by adopting a child into their family. They are willing to take on the full parental and legal custody of a child. Adoptive families choose to take a child into their home to love, protect, and nurture a child for the rest of their lives. They are a vital part of the adoption triad. They undertake vigorous adoption criteria, legal paperwork, and social difficulties to adopt a child. Adoptive families also have a tremendous responsibility as their child grows older to be as open and honest as possible about their child’s story. By honoring their child’s birth mother and her wishes, adoptive parents honor their child as well.

The Importance of the Adoption Triad in Texas

You may be thinking why learning about the adoption triad is important. It may seem obvious to some that the adoptee, birth mother, and adoptive family are part of adoption. But, many people do not understand just how complex and connected each member of the triad is.

This is why learning about the adoption triad is so vital. It reminds us of how special and unique each group is to an adoption. And more importantly, how equal each member is to each other in an adoption. One cannot exist without the other. Each member is not alone in their journey.  Everyone is intertwined with each other regardless of the type of adoption they chose, whether it be an open, semi-open, or closed adoption.

By understanding each part of an individual part of the triad, you can better understand what the whole part of adoption is!

The Symbol of the Adoption Process 

The adoption triad, the symbol of adoption in Texas, is a tool for you to utilize during your adoption journey. While this symbol does not speak to every birth mother, adoptee, or adoptive family’s individual stories or journeys, it does give you a general idea of what to expect in the coming months.

The adoption triad represents the three essential members of an adoption and reminds everyone about each member’s importance. And this includes your importance in an adoption! You are an essential part of your adoption journey. Your experiences, story, and future deserves to be heard, acknowledged, and respected. We at Adoption Choices of Texas are here for you during your journey to answer all your questions along the way!

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