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UPDATE July 25, 2017: The Association of American Law Schools has decided to move its 2018 conference from Austin, TX., to Chicago. “AALS has decided to make the move and will not hold any other meetings in Texas because of actions by the Legislature to discriminate against individuals seeking to immigrate to the United States and against members of the LGBTQ community,” Paul Marcus, president of the group, wrote in a letter to the mayor of Austin. We are impressed by their stance against discrimination and hope others follow suit!

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Remember the discriminatory legislation that passed in Texas including the “bathroom bill” and the law that allows adoption agencies to bar certain people from adopting? A national legal organization is threatening to move its annual conference out of Texas because of the two policies they say are harmful and discriminatory.

This weekend, in Austin, marks the 110th American Association of Legal Libraries Conference.The American Association of Law Libraries’ Greg Lambert said the organization has been in Texas three times in the past dozen or so years, but the group may now be looking elsewhere.

As attendees look for ways to improve the legal industry, organizers have their eyes set on Texas policies they say could have big impacts down the road. “The anti-LGBTQ bills that have passed and the number of bill that are being discussed run counter to our diversity and inclusion policies.” With a trans son, Lambert reflects, “This legislation hurts on a personal level.

The American Association of Law Libraries isn’t the only organization reconsidering Texas; Texas may also lose the business of other organizations, including Fortune 500 companies and the NFL due to recent legislation. Similar backlash affected the tourism industry and entertainment events in North Carolina after it passed a so-called “bathroom” law.

The “bathroom bill” could also lead to a series of lawsuits predicts experts. Fortunately, the Texas Association of Business announced it would spend $1 million on advertisements fighting the controversial legislation. “The Texas Association of Business is announcing a seven-figure media buy in opposition to the unnecessary bathroom bill,” TAB CEO Jeff Moseley said in a statement. “The bathroom bill distracts from the real challenges we face and would result in terrible economic consequences—on talent, on tourism, on investment, on growth, and on small businesses.



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