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Texas Adoption Terms You Should Know

By Vanessa Martinez

Knowing the correct terminology while going through the adoption process is essential to having a successful experience. Adoption can be unfamiliar territory that not a lot has been through, and it can also have unfamiliar topics and words. If you’ve ever seen the term ‘adoption de bebes‘ and been confused, you’re in the right spot! At Adoption Choices of Texas, we want you to feel confident when going through this process.

This is why we have put together this glossary to help you understand the terms used in adoption agencies in Texas. Using the correct terms and terminology can greatly improve the communication and openness between all parties involved. We want this experience to be as smooth as possible at Adoption Choices of Texas. Below are some terms you might encounter: 

Adoption Choices of Texas Glossary 

  1. Birth mother: The biological mother of the child that has been considered to be or will be placed in adoption.
  2. Birth father: The biological father of the child that has been considered to be or will be placed in adoption.
  3. Parental rights: The right to physical custody of a child. These rights can vary from state to state. 
  4. ICPC: A statutory law intended to protect the children placed into adoption across state lines.
  5. Relinquishment: The process by which legal parents voluntarily terminate their birth rights so the adoptive parents can legally adopt the child. 
  6. Open adoption: An adoption in which the birth parents, the adoptive parents, and the child all have open communication amongst them. 
  7. Closed adoption: An adoption in which the birth parents do not have any contact with the child or the adoptive parents. 
  8. Semi-open adoption: An adoption in which the birth parents decide to have some contact with the adoptive parents and the child. The communication style can vary depending on the birth parent.
  9. Adoptive parent/s: The parent or parents who adopt the child that is being placed in adoption.
  10. Adoption agency: An organization that provides their services for birth parents and adoptive parents, they may provide resources as well support.
  11. Birth counselor: A counselor appointed by your adoption agency that will help the birth parents in any way they might need. 
  12. Attachment: A bond that forms between a child and its caregivers. This bond is essential for a healthy relationship between parent and child.
  13. Adoption: Legally taking a child and raising it as one’s own. 
  14. International adoption: An adoption that takes place outside of the United States of America. Usually, the adoption process is very different from that of a local one. 
  15. Local Texas adoption: An adoption that occurs within state lines. This facilitates the process because you can find a local texas adoption agency and you won’t have to travel. 
  16. Communication: Imparting or exchanging information or news. 
  17. Adoption plan: A plan made specifically for each birth parent to facilitate the adoption process. 
  18. Unplanned pregnancy: A pregnancy that is mistimed or unwanted. 
  19. Private adoption: A private adoption in Texas that is facilitated with the help of a private agency and adoptive parents.
  20. Public adoption: A public adoption is when a child is placed into the foster system, and the family fostering them moves to adopt them. Birth parents can move to adopt them back. 
  21.  Post-placement adoption disruption: A disruption that can occur after the child is placed into adoption. This disruption can occur for many different reasons, such as legalities. 
  22. Pre-birth adoption disruption: A disruption that occurs before the child is born. This can occur because of the birth mother backing out of the adoption or because of the adoptive parents backing out or not being a good fit. 
  23. Post-placement communication: Communication between the adoptive parents and the birth parents that can occur after the placement. Sometimes, this involves the child as well.
  24. Adoption attorney: An attorney who specializes in adoption, usually appointed by your adoption agency. 
  25. Adoption resources: Resources provided by your adoption agency, available for the birth parent and the adoptive parents. The actual resources can vary.

Effective communication is an important part of the adoption process. It can be an intimidating task to learn the terminology, but with the proper resources, it will be easy to learn. If you are researching ‘putting my baby up for adoption‘ or ‘adoption de bebes‘ and are confused by the wording, this glossary is here to help. If you find yourself wondering about any term not listed, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. These resources are available to make you feel empowered and informed in your decision.  Adoption Choices of Texas wants this process to be the easiest it can be for you!

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