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Becoming pregnant can be one of the most exciting times for a woman and one of the scariest if you’re a teen and it’s unexpected. Emily Homan had the experience of becoming pregnant at 18, and decided to place her child for adoption. Her family was supportive of her decision and allowed her the time and freedom to think about it for herself.

Emily decided to place her child for adoption through an agency, much like Adoption Choices of Texas, who helped her find a family and provided counseling during and after the birth of her child. She found it helpful because placing a child for adoption is one of the hardest things to do. “Adoption is never an easy way out, as some people told me after I gave him up. It is the most difficult thing I have ever done in my 28 years of living.”

The agency had what they called “family portfolios” with background information about potential families, and Emily looked through 50 of them before finding her perfect family. When she opened the file, she immediately knew they were the adoptive family for her baby. The couple had one biological son and Emily knew they had the means and love to care for the child.

Both Emily and the adoptive family had contact with each other and discussed what they wanted through the agency. They agreed the adoptive family would pick the baby’s name, and when the child is old enough they will explain that he is adopted and he can reach out to Emily if he chooses to.

Telling her parents about becoming pregnant made her nervous as they are somewhat religious and conservative. When she told them, her mother was supportive, but her father went back and forth a lot saying “some thing’s to me that I will never forget or forgive”.
Her other five siblings were supportive of her decision to place her child for adoption. The main reason for all of the support was because she was only 18, but there was a sense of embarrassment in the air. They still loved their daughter, and believed placing her child for adoption would be the best option so she wouldn’t have to depend on her family to care for him.

When Emily went into labor, the adoptive family was at the hospital so they could take their new family member home with them. Letting go of the child was difficult for her, and she went into a short depression. She thought about seeing him being put into the car and how her family wouldn’t be able to see their family member ever again. Counseling helped her get through it as well as the adoptive family allowing her to see her child a month after his birth.

Throughout the past 10 years, she’s received some Christmas cards and still has memorabilia from his birth like his baby hat from the hospital and photos from the day of his birth. Today, she has three sons and thinks about the little baby boy she placed for adoption often. She thinks about how to tell her boys about the brother they’ll most likely never meet and why she decided to choose adoption.
She’s content though because her child is living the best life he can get with the family who provides for him.

If you are a teen and pregnant, considering adoption, and want to discuss your choices, contact us today! We work with women and young girls across Texas. We will educate you and help you choose the best option for you and your baby. Adoption can be a very loving and fulfilling experience!

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