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Taking Control of Your Texas Adoption Journey

By Kennedy Wood

Learning about an unplanned pregnancy can leave you feeling lost and confused. In the midst of all the rising emotions coming up during this time, you also have a lot of decisions to make. If considering adoption, the adoption process can seem very overwhelming. Although it can seem overwhelming, we aim to take some weight off your shoulders. Adoption Choices of Texas strives to inform and empower the birth mothers we work with. It is important that you are confident in the decision-making process. Although we can’t make the decisions for you, we will guide you every step of the way. 

Choosing Adoption in Texas 

Once you have chosen to put your child up for adoption, the first step is complete. Deciding which path you want to take can be the hardest part of the process, for good reason. From here you will need to contact an adoption agency near you or contact Adoption Choices of Texas. The staff members at your adoption agency in Texas will then guide you through the next steps of the process.  

Taking Control of Your Adoption Journey

As the birth mother, you hold all the power. Only you know what is ultimately best for you and your child’s lives. Modern adoption plans are made to empower birth mothers. Your local adoption agency will ensure that you know all of your rights as a birth mother and inform you of how the process works. From here you will begin to create your adoption plan. Your adoption plan is your personalized plan for this process. Not every woman needs or wants the same thing, so you can personalize your adoption plan to meet any personal needs.

Our first priority is making sure that you are comfortable and receiving adequate care within your adoption services. This will include the birth mother letting her agency know what is required for her to give birth. This is called the birth plan; the birth plan will prioritize what you need in order to have a comfortable delivery. Giving up your child can be hard enough as it is. We will make sure your needs are met all around. 

Choosing the Adoptive Family

Another power you have as the birth mother is fully choosing the adoptive family. When you meet with an adoption agency near you, they will begin to ask what you want in an adoptive family. Here you decide what preferences you have and you can begin to lay them out to the agency. These preferences can be oriented around race, sexuality, religion, or any other personal choice The agency will take your preferences and begin matching you with adoptive families in Texas. Once you have been matched, they will then show you the prospective families. You can choose to meet with them in person if you would like or you could even make a phone call. It is completely up to you whether or not you and the adoptive family can contact each other. 

Types of Adoptions in Texas

There are three types of adoptions you can choose from, closed, open, or semi-open adoption. A closed adoption is when the birth mother and adoptive family cut ties and go separate ways. There will no longer be contact with each other or the child once this adoption is finalized. An open and semi-open adoption allows contact with the adoptive family and child. Within these adoptions you will be deciding what kind and how much contact you would like to maintain. This can range to meeting with the child in person or having phone calls. This could also mean you are just receiving updates from the adoptive parents about the child. Typically a semi-open adoption will only be contacted through phone calls or online. Whereas open adoption is typically when birth mothers choose to meet in person. 

When deciding what type of adoption you want there is a lot to think about. Your decision can come from a lot of things such as your or the child’s safety or emotional strain. Some mothers choose a closed adoption so there is a clear line when the process is over. This allows for them to “make a clean break” and move forward with their lives. More often than not though, birth mothers choose an open adoption. An open adoption allows you to remain content in your decision by seeing the child grow up with the adoptive family. This can help mothers be sure they made the right choice. An open adoption allows you to maintain a relationship with the child. An open adoption can be different for everyone and can be altered at any time during the process or once it is finalized. 

Empowering Birth Mothers in Texas

As you can tell, all the big decisions are made by the birth mother. Although that can seem scary, you know what is best for you and your child. Our goal is to make sure you know everything you need to and are prepared in every way. We want this process to be as easy and painless as possible for our birth mothers. Although it can be tough, we will be there to offer you support through our staff, certified agents, and counselors. We want you to feel surrounded by people who care throughout your whole journey. For more information or to begin your adoption process, reach out to Adoption Choices of Texas. We can’t wait to meet you!

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