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Financial Planning for Pregnancy

An unplanned pregnancy comes with all sorts of unfamiliar territory. You’re feeling emotions you’ve never experienced, and facing some of the hardest decisions you’ll ever have to make in your lifetime. Plus, you have to make the practical decisions – how to support...

Adoption Counseling

Unplanned pregnancy and adoption can be an emotionally challenging experience, and you may be feeling overwhelmed by a complex mix of uncertainty, fear, and confusion. Adoption Choices of Texas can help. When you make an adoption plan with Adoption Choices of Texas,...

Common Adoption Fears

Welcoming a new baby in your home is both one of the most exciting and scary times in your life! It’s common and normal to have these same fears when walking through the adoption journey. You’ve dreamt of this moment for months, maybe even years! And yet...

Open Adoption

I never knew anything about open adoption, or that it was even a possibility, until I saw the movie Juno. Juno is the story of a high school girl who becomes pregnant and gives up her baby for adoption. She finds the adoptive parents through a newspaper, and they...

Family, Friends, and Feelings

Choosing to place a child for adoption is generally a very difficult and emotional process for the birth mother. It is often hard for birth mothers to tell friends and family about their decision to place their child for adoption. This is particularly hard when the...
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