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Texas Surrogacy




Are You Interested in Being a Surrogate ?

Are you ready to become a surrogate in Texas? Adoption & Surrogacy Choices of Texas has licensed professionals that are ready to take you step by step through the surrogacy process. We offer full gestational surrogacy services for gestational carriers including medical and legal screenings, matching with an intended family, creating the surrogacy contract, the medical processes and pregnancy, and counseling support. We are full service Texas surrogacy agency that will help with every detail.


Are You Interested in Being an Intended Parent?

Adoption & Surrogacy Choices of Texas welcomes hopeful intended parents and we are prepared to support you through the surrogacy process. We welcome same-sex couples, single individuals, and heterosexual couples. Once you decide surrogacy is right for you we will help you determine whether you need donor sperm or egg, provide matching services, work through the legal requirements, coordinate the medical processes, and guide you through the entire surrogacy journey.





Surrogacy Process in Texas

Surrogacy is legal in Texas and there is well-defined Texas surrogacy law that protects the rights of both parties to a surrogacy agreement in this state. Our surrogacy specialists will answer any questions you have about the Texas surrogacy process and when you’re ready, provide case management and support services. We will guide you through every step of the process.




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