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When preparing for a child, it’s helpful to have a checklist so you won’t have to worry about what to do. Here are lists of things to think about when having an unexpected pregnancy and choosing to place the child for adoption:

  • Talk to your doctor as soon as you know you’re pregnant
    • They will discuss ways to keep you and your baby healthy
  • Start taking pre-natal vitamins if less than 12 weeks pregnant (also talk to your doctor about vitamins)
    • According to research, it’s best to start taking pre-natal vitamins as soon as you know you’re pregnant so the baby can grow healthy
  • Stop smoking immediately
    • This includes secondhand smoke
    • Ask those around you to refrain from smoking or walk away from the smoker as soon as they start
  • Stop drinking alcohol and taking drugs
    • These can cause serious defects in your baby which can be preventable. There are many sources you can go to so you can quit and have a heathy baby
  • Stay away from dangerous situations
    • If there’s a history of violence in your household it would be best to either de-escalate the situation or leave completely for the safety of you and your baby
    • If possible see a therapist to talk about your issues
    • If you don’t have anywhere to go, there are houses that will protect you
      • This website provides different housing options for pregnant women who experience domestic violence
  • Choose an adoption agency like Adoption Choices of Texas
  • Ask your doctor about medications are ok to take while pregnant
    • Some medications can harm a baby, so keep it safe and ask your doctor about over-the-counter drugs and prescriptions
  • Consider the type of adoption plan you’d like to choose
    • You can choose from an open adoption, semi open, or closed adoption
    • There are many benefits to all three, but you can decide which one to choose
  • Start eating healthy
    • Many parenting websites and blogs recommend eating plenty of fruits and vegetables
    • Making a shopping list can help you stay on track when choosing foods
  • Start being active
    • Take a walk with a friend daily or so other exercises like swimming, yoga, or aerobics
    • Keep your exercise at a similar amount that your used to
    • If you exercise a lot you can potentially do the same amount, just be careful
    • If you exercise rarely a small walk round the park will be ok
  • Try to stay at a healthy weight during your pregnancy
    • Depending on your current weight, the weight you do or do not gain during pregnancy could harm you and your baby
    • It’s not good to be overweight, but it’s also not good to be severely underweight either
    • You can also find exercises online to help the birthing process go easier
  • Become healthy mentally
    • Pregnancy can be an emotional rollercoaster, so see a therapist if you feel any overwhelming emotions of fear, sadness, anger, or anything else you may need to speak about
  • Learn family history
    • It’s good to know family history so you can know the possibilities about biological diseases
  • Choose a family to adopt your baby
    • Many times the adoptive family will pay for most, if not all, the expenses – Adoption Choices of Texas will help you with your financial expenses
    • If you choose a private agency, you will get to choose the family based off of collected files and descriptions of families who want to adopt a child
    • You can meet them and speak with them if you choose an open or semi-open adoption and discuss birth plans, parenting styles, and much more
  • Stay away from toxins
    • If there’s a potential risk of toxins being around you and your baby it’s best to stay away from or be cautious in the area depending on what the toxin is
    • Some at home toxins are cat litter, synthetic chemicals, and fertilizer
  • Work on paperwork
    • During the pregnancy many decisions will be made, and to ensure you and the adoptive family agree paperwork must be discussed and signed by 24-48 hours after the baby’s birth
    • This is to ensure all parties are confident in their decisions
  • Speak to a midwife
    • The midwife will help you deliver the baby safely
    • You and the adoptive family will choose where to deliver, and midwives will be there to help
  • Deliver your baby
    • Spend as much or as little time with your baby in the hospital
    • Sign relinquishment documents
    • Adoptive family takes parental responsibility for the baby
      • Later completes adoption finalization
  • Talk to your Adoption Specialists and/or Counselors for ongoing, post-adoption support

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