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Single parent adoption is becoming for common, more accepted, and we are speaking out about it!! Today’s insight on single parent adoption comes from our writing intern, Paige. She is an international adoptee of a single woman. Let’s read her story!

I’ve heard single-parenting is difficult, and can make children feel different and strange. My experience with a single mother was brief but felt normal. It takes a village to raise a child, even if the child has two parents. We always had friends who lived in Colorado and family who lived in Kansas to help take care of me if my mom had to go out of town for a business trip. I suppose this would’ve been different if I had a father when my mom adopted me, but it didn’t feel strange to stay with family or friends.

When my father came into my life, it wasn’t really any different except that I got to stay home while my mom was out of town. As far as life changes or curiosities, my mom raised me to be strong, so bullying was never an issue. I don’t think any of the other kids cared my mom was single, they cared I was adopted. It mostly fascinated them and didn’t drive them to be mean or make fun of me.

My friend Sue Lynn’s mom has been a single mother since she adopted Sue Lynn. Sue Lynn also says that having a single mother feels like a normal family, the only reason it was lonely sometimes was she’s an only child. She also had a village, her aunt, neighbors, and friends. One major difference she’s experienced is during Father’s Day she gives her mom a card. The two are just as close as any mother-daughter duo, and she’s grateful for the life she lives today.

There are many negative connotations about single parent families like feeling incomplete, feeling left out, or a more likely chance of committing crimes. This is not the case in many families, the children turn out to be functioning members of society. According to a study, children don’t have negative behaviors because of adoption they have negative behaviors because of negative experiences. As long as adoptive parents provide a warm, loving environment for their children they will turn out to be healthy people.

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