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Shattering the Stigma of Giving Up a Baby for Adoption

By Maxwell Dallinga

When considering your choices as a birth mother, putting baby up for adoption may seem scary.  You may be feeling fearful about the social stigmas that surround child adoption. Because you have a great love for your child, choosing adoption can be hard. However, there are many reasons why adoption is a completely safe and wonderful choice for your child. Breaking the stigmas can help you see why adoption can be a perfect choice for your adoption in Texas. Through fantastic agencies like Adoption Choices of Texas, your child can find a family that loves them as much as you.

3 Common Adoption Stigmas

When considering adoption, you may have many justified fears. Wanting to make the perfect choice for your child is important. However, many of these fears and stigmas about putting baby up for adoption can be put at ease. Below are three of the most common stigmas about adoption:

  • Mothers Have No Say In Adoption

A common misconception about the adoption process is that birth mothers will have no say in the process. Many people believe that agencies will take a child and leave the mother in the dark for the rest. However, choosing private adoption means that you will be able to choose the adoption options for your child. You can even choose to keep an open adoption if you’d like to stay in contact with your child. Regardless, adoption agencies will help create a plan to empower you. 

  • Birth Mothers Are ‘Lazy’

There are many reasons birth mothers choose adoption, but laziness is never one of them. Choosing adoption means making a choice that will ultimately better your child’s future. No matter the reason, a birth mother who chooses adoption is making a very difficult choice. Making the choice to adopt is a proactive and loving decision that objectively defeats this stigma.

  • Choosing Adoption Means You Don’t Love Your Child

Some may believe that choosing adoption shows a lack of love for a child. However, this belief is completely false. By choosing adoption, you are actively seeking to place your child into a loving and supportive family. In doing so, you are displaying an act of courage and love for your child.

Knowing the social stigmas surrounding adoption can be important in making your decision. Yet no matter your choice, adoption can be a great option for you and your child.

The Emotional Journey of Your Texas Adoption

Choosing adoption is an emotional journey. Choosing to put up a child for adoption (dar a mi bebe en adocion) can bring a wide spectrum of emotions. This journey can include fear, grief, and even social pressures. Despite this, adoption can also be a wonderful and transformative journey for you. By breaking the stigmas and allowing time for reflection, you can see just how wonderful your adoption is.

Adoption is an extremely difficult choice that many birth mothers have to make. Putting your child up for adoption may bring sadness, fear, anger, or any number of challenging emotions to you. However, by making this difficult decision, you are actively proving your love for your child. Nothing is more important than you and your child’s wellbeing.

As you navigate this emotional journey, it may be helpful to know that there are resources to help you. When searching for an adoption agency in Austin, many places will offer methods of emotional support. Agencies like Adoption Choices of Texas offer counseling services and support groups that will help guide you. Knowing how hard it can be to navigate this step in you life, adoption agencies are eager to help you.

You matter, and your emotional journey through adoption is important. Yet no matter how you may feel, know that you are not (and will never be) alone.

Choosing Adoption Choices of Texas for Your Adoption Journey

If you are a birth mother or experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, look no further than Adoption Choices of Texas. Adoption Choices of Texas is a private adoption agency ready to help you and shatter your adoption stigmas. Offering many means of support, they are prepared to create an adoption plan catered to you.

While working with us, you are the one in control. Regardless of your preferences, you will get to make the decisions each and every time. With this, Adoption Choices of Texas offers many forms of support. As stated previously, we provide many forms of emotional support such as professional counseling and support groups. Similarly, we offer medical aid and advice from trusted professionals throughout your next steps.

Regardless of your decision, choosing adoption can be a perfect option for you. If you are interested in placing your child up for adoption, contact us today.

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