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Women who face unplanned pregnancies know that they have three options: to parent their child, to terminate their pregnancy, or to place their child for adoption. At Adoption Choices of Texas, a commonly asked question is, “What are the reasons a child is placed for adoption when the mother isn’t facing extenuating circumstances?”

Women don’t have to be struggling with finances, mental health issues, or other life obstacles that make adoption seem like the only choice available to them. There are many reasons to place a child for adoption, many of them based on the pregnant woman’s individual situation and desires for her future. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why women place their children for adoption.

  1. They’re Not Ready for Motherhood

Some women choose to give a baby up for adoption because they aren’t ready to become parents. Having information about adoption can be helpful for women who feel unprepared for motherhood because adoption is an option that allows some women to continue pursuing goals in life that are unrelated to parenting a child. With the right kind of planning and professional support, some women who feel unprepared for motherhood may find placing a baby for adoption is the right choice.

  1. They Don’t Want Another Child

You might be surprised to learn that many birthmothers are already parenting other children in healthy, stable families. Just because you are already a mother does not mean you have to raise another child. For some women who feel this way, adoption allows them to choose the kind of family they want their baby to grow up with and to continue to have contact with their child as he or she grows up.

  1. They’re Too Young

Teenagers and young mothers who become unexpectedly pregnant may choose adoption because they know they’re not ready to become parents. They want to focus on finishing their high school career, get a college education and be able to support themselves independently before having a baby. Young women who choose this option can continue attending school while pregnant and can even be eligible for adoption scholarships to continue their education after their baby’s placement.

  1. They Feel Too Old to Raise Another Child

You might be surprised to learn that many birth mothers are over the age of 40 when they begin making an adoption plan for their baby. Sometimes, women who find themselves facing challenging pregnancy decisions during middle-age are also dealing with other complex issues like parenting other children, financial constraints and the feelings of “starting over” with a new baby late in life. Adoption might allow women experiencing these feelings to control things like who raises their baby and the kind of contact they have with their child as he or she grows up.

  1. They Want to Help Someone Else Create Their Family

There are many hopeful parents out there waiting to add a child to their life through adoption. For women who find themselves unexpectedly pregnant and unable to raise their children, they can make parenthood dreams come true in a way no one else can. While placing a child for adoption is certainly a huge sacrifice, it’s also an incredibly selfless move that can bring happiness and joy in helping someone else’s dream of being a parent come true.

Why Women Place Their Children for Adoption

While there are several reasons why women place their children for adoption, most of them have one goal in mind – unconditional love for their child. As much as it hurts to make this sacrifice, they know that adoption is the best choice for themselves and their baby. It’s this love and their desire for him or her to have a happy, healthy life that motivates them.

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