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Reasons Why Adoption Could Be Right for You

By Conner Sura

An unplanned pregnancy can be traumatic. All of the thoughts racing through your mind: can I afford to raise my child? What if I can’t take care of them? I am not old enough to be a mother. You might feel as if you are drowning. That you are cornered, unable to escape. That is okay. Adoption Choices of Texas we are to help you and provide you with adoption info. We understand that raising a child can be stressful, and not everyone can do it. Raising a child can be very expensive. We will stand behind all of your decisions during your adoption process. The reasons why birth mothers choose adoption can be infinite. 

Si eres un español de nacimiento que busca información sobre adopción de bebésAdoption Choices of Texas brinda apoyo a todas las madres biológicas, independientemente de sus antecedentes y estatus migratorio. 

We provide birth mothers from all backgrounds with respect regardless of the reasons they chose adoption. We have a highly trained and equipped team that is reliable so that your adoption journey can be as easy as possible. 

Benefits of Choosing Texas Adoption With Adoption Choices of Texas

Adoption can be scary. And if someone has no experience or knowledge of adoption, it can be more so. That is why we are here to help. During your adoption process, you will meet with an adoption specialist who will discuss all of your options with you. They will walk you through the adoption process and help you create an adoption plan that suits your needs. Adoption may seem scary. However, it is important to know that you are not alone. 

Benefits of choosing Texas Adoption include:

  1. Financial aid for groceries, utilities, medical, and any other support you may require
  2. Free consultation for birth mothers considering adoption.
  3. Housing support if the birth mother is homeless
  4. Cost-free adoption plan
  5. Free adoption resources like help books
  6. Compasste staff that will ensure you feel ready and comfortable with your adoption plan

If you live near Austin, we encourage you to choose our Austin adoption service. Choosing Austin adoption includes all of the benefits above, along with a trusted and resourceful team in the Austin area. Additionally, if you live in San Antonio, choosing adoption in  San Antonio, TX, can also provide you with all the listed benefits.

Reasons Why Texas Adoption is Right For You.

Above, we talked about how adoption can be scary, the potential benefits, and that you would not be alone during your adoption process. All of that is true. Adoption Choices of Texas stands behind all of their birth mothers. Adoption is stressful, and that is why we offer free counseling for all of our birth mothers.

 Free Adoption Birth Mother Counseling

What is our free birth counseling? For some, being pregnant is joy, a shining beacon of light, and for others, it is a deeply traumatic and hollowing experience. We believe that birth mothers should feel comfortable adjusting to their postpartum life during or after pregnancy. However, it is important to know that adoption counseling for birth mothers is not mandatory. 

Although, our support groups are a way for birth mothers to discuss their experiences. They also cover a wide selection of topics, including:

  1. Overcoming anxiety and fear from being sexually assaulted, abuse, or domestic violence
  2. Choosing the right family for your baby
  3. Creating a reliable support network with or without family

Texas Adoption Gives Full Control to Birth Mothers

Another benefit of choosing Texas adoption is the ability to choose the type of adoption that you want. Adoption Choices of Texas gives full control to the birth mother for them to decide the best adoption choice for placing their baby up for adoption. What are the three different types of adoption?

There are three different types of adoption: Open, Semi-Open, and Closed. Each adoption type has its benefits and drawbacks, so it is important to know what type is right for you.

What is open adoption? Open adoption allows for full direct contact post-adoption with the adoptive family and birth mother. However, it is important to know that you will not retain any parental rights. 

Is a semi-open the same as an open adoption? No, semi-open adoption differs from an open adoption in the way the birth mother and adoptive parents contact each other. At the same time, an open adoption allows for full contact. A semi-open adoption only allows for mediators like your adoption case manager or a lawyer to exchange information like photos, letters, and anything else. Additionally, a semi-open adoption keeps the identity of the birth mothers confidential. However, this can change over time. 

Lastly, a closed adoption is when the birth mothers choose to remain anonymous and forgo all communication with their child and the adoptive family. 

Whatever adoption type you choose for placing your child up for adoption. Adoption Choices of Texas will support you if you live in Houston and are considering putting your child up for adoption. They can help you find the resources you need, and please remember that you are not giving up anything when you choose adoption.

Texas Post-partum Support

What happens after you give birth and place your baby into adoption? After everything is finalized, you may feel overwhelmed and not be able to resume your normal activities. We provide our birth mothers with free financial aid and counseling. In addition, we also provide transportation services if the birth mother can not travel. We pay for any food, utility bills, and medical up to six weeks after birth. 

Choosing Texas Adoption May Be Right For You

Choosing adoption can be scary and super stressful. Choosing the right Texas adoption agency is important to make sure that things go well. It is also important to know your options before choosing Texas adoption. That’s why you choose Adoption Choices of Texas because they have a long, reusable background of helping birthmothers. We will support you and answer any questions you may have. Our Austin service provides unparalleled adoption support in that area.

Additionally, we provide support to Spanish families. If you are a birth mother looking for adopción de bebes. You can find it here. 

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