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5 Reasons to Choose a Single Texan Woman to Adopt My Baby

By Morgan Jacobus

When considering giving your baby up for adoption, there are several options when it comes to choosing who to adopt your baby too. One option to consider for your adoption in Texas is adopting a single woman. Single-parent adoption has increased since the 1970s and has become more accepted. Local adoption agencies often have single women who are interested in adoption. 

Ultimately it is your choice and decision of where and who your baby goes to. Whether you are pursuing adoption in Dallas or San Antonio, we at Adoption Choices of Texas are here for you. You may have an existing image of what you hope your adoptive family will look like, which might include a married couple. Though there are existing stigmas of single mothers, there are several benefits to adopting a single woman.  

1. Consistent Parenting Style from Adoption

Single mothers will be the sole decision-maker for the child. One person making decisions means that there will not be the issue of conflict over how to parent. While couples may disagree over the best way to parent, a single woman will have a simpler process of deciding what is right for the child. 

Since couples likely have differing views on parenting, a child would have to discern expectations. Rather, a child with one parent will better understand expectations and responsibilities. 

2. Better Finance Management by Parent and Adopted Child

Beyond parenting, a single mother would also have sole responsibility and decision-making when it comes to how money is spent. Income wouldn’t be divided between two parents, and the mother would be on top of where her money goes. Money can often be a contentious issue, so this would be another way conflict would be reduced in the adopted child’s home.

Though single parents often have less income, with one person managing finances, there is less conflict and confusion over how expenses are handled. Additionally, single parents have to be financially responsible to provide for their children. As a result, children of single parents can learn effective finance management. 

3. More Quality Time Between the Child and the Adoptive Parent

A single woman would not have to split their time between their partner and child. Undivided attention from a parent helps to develop a bond and quality relationship. Children who have a close bond with their parents feel safer and secure. 

4. Kids Raised by Single Parents Grow to be More Independent 

Single women often juggle several responsibilities independently; this is a behavior that the child can learn from their parents. Children raised by single parents learn independence and to depend on themselves more. 

Further, single mothers can be good role models for their children in many ways. Single women who choose adoption are often successful in their careers, excel in balancing responsibilities, and depend on themselves. 

5. Single Women can be Thoughtful, Dedicated, and Loving Parents

In recent decades, more and more women are embracing their independence and ability to provide for themselves – and their children. We see this in the increasing numbers of single women interested in adopting over the past few decades. 

Since single women often face more obstacles and opposition when pursuing baby adoption, they have to be confident in their decision. Many single women who go to local adoption agencies have put a lot of thought and consideration into this choice. Some may choose to start a family when they feel they are at a good place with their career. Others may choose to raise a child later in life when they feel more empowered. 

As with any other prospective family, single women have the right to be considered. Anyone who chooses to adopt deserves the opportunity to start a family of their own, including single women. 

There are many choices throughout the adoption process in Texas. Regardless of what criteria you have or what you ultimately decide, Adoption Choices of Texas ensures that your child will be safe. We carefully screen and background check every family who works with us so you can be confident in your decision. You are not alone in this process, and we will be there with you every step of the way. 

If you are a woman considering adoption and seeking information on making an adoption plan in Texas, contact Adoption Choices of Texas. 

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