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Pros and Cons of LGBTQ+ Adoptions in Texas

By Morgan Jacobus 

If you have an unplanned pregnancy, there can be a lot of overwhelming choices. However, it is essential to frame these choices positively. For instance, you can see these choices as empowering since you can make the decisions that will affect you and your child. At this point, you have likely already made the brave decision of “putting my child up for adoption” or “dar a mi bebe en adopcion.” There will be many more choices down the road, but we at Adoption Choices of Texas are here to support and empower you throughout the adoption process

One such choice you will consider is what type of family you would like your child to be adopted to. For some, adopting their child to a mother and father is important to them, while others are more open. Regardless of your priorities, it is important to consider all of your options, including LGBTQ+ couples. Many families that reach out to local adoption agencies are LBGTQ+ and deserve the opportunity to be considered for adoption. 

Pros of LGBTQ+ Adoption 

  • Children from LGBTQ+ families are more likely to be empathetic and open-minded. Children who are raised by LGBTQ+ parents have similar markers of achievement in areas such as school performance, self-esteem, and quality of life. However, the children differ in qualities like being more self-aware, communicating their feelings, and showing more empathy. There is also research that children of LGBTQ+ parents are more motivated, committed, and thoughtful.
  • Children with LGBTQparents can learn to stand up for themselves and overcome challenges. LGBTQ+ couples and families may experience discrimination and prejudice, which the child may have to experience as well. However, seeing their parents overcome this opposition can be empowering to a child who looks up to them. As a result, children of LGBTQ+ families can be more resilient. 
  • It is rewarding to help people grow a family when they otherwise couldn’t on their own. Adoption is one way that couples who can’t bear children can grow a family. Further, going through a local adoption agency is one of the main ways that LGBT couples have children. By choosing to adopt your child to an LGBTQ+ couple, you are helping them build a family. You are giving them the ultimate gift by fulfilling one of their biggest desires: to have a family. 

Cons of LGBTQ+ Adoption 

  • LGBTQ+ families may experience more challenges and discrimination. As previously mentioned, there can be challenges and opposition for LGBTQ+ couples and resulting families. Some argue that children need a mother and father in order to be raised effectively. As a result, your child may be faced with opposition and perhaps more challenges than a child with heterosexual parents. However, any child in any circumstance will face challenges in their lifetime. 
  • There are misconceptions about children raised in LGBTQ+ families. Many people believe that children raised in an LGBTQ+ household will “turn gay” when this is not the case. There is no evidence that being raised by gay parents will result in the child being gay. However, it is suggested that children with LGBTQ+ parents may question their sexuality at an early age compared to children with straight parents. This is just one example of some ignorance that people may have regarding LGBTQ+ families. 

Choosing a Family for Your Child 

When it comes to your adoption in Texas, there will be several options to choose from regarding your adoption placement. However, your adoption service can help you. Adoption Choices of Texas can help guide you through your options to determine which is the best fit for you. Whether it is through a Dallas adoption center, or adoption in San Antonio, Texas, we are here for you. 

As you continue the adoption process in Texas, consider what qualities you value in potential families for your child. These qualities may lead you to an LGBTQ+ couple, or it may not. At the end of the day, it is your decision and yours alone. It all comes down to what you picture for your child. 

Regardless of what you ultimately decide, you can rest assured that your child is going to a good home. We carefully screen and review prospective families, including extensive background checks. All of the adoptive families you see have been through our thorough review process. Therefore, any of the families we offer could make a loving home for your child. 

If you are a woman considering adoption and want to know more about your options, contact Adoption Choices of Texas.

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