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Pros and Cons of Last-Minute Adoption and How it Works

By Peter Behrend

Pregnancy is a process that is only predictable in its unpredictability. The best-laid plans may have fallen apart entirely, leaving you scrambling for ideas on how to make your next move. Likewise, social and familial pressures may have made it difficult for you to create an adoption plan. Whatever your circumstances are, there’s no need for panic! In reviewing Pros and Cons of Last-Minute Adoption and How it Works, please understand that there is no right nor wrong way to place your child up for adoption.

Likewise, it is never too late to do so! In fact, last-minute adoption is an incredibly common approach for expecting mothers. Like anything, last-minute adoption has its own set of disadvantages. But it also has its advantages! It’s wrong to assume that last-minute adoption is inferior to planned adoption. 

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Cons of a Last-minute Adoption

The bad news of a last-minute adoption is straightforward:

  • You will have a harder time formulating an adoption plan.
  • Big decisions should be made in a timelier manner.
  • And certain adoption plan decisions will become more appealing, while others will become less.

Adoption Plan Concerns

Your adoption plan gives you control of your adoption. First, an adoption plan will determine the type of adoption that would work best for you. The three types of adoption are Open AdoptionSemi-Open Adoption, and Closed Adoption. Secondly, it will give you a wider choice of adoptive families to parent your child. Finally, a plan should give you better access to resources that a pregnant mother may want or need. For example, adequate hospitals, birth counseling, and pregnancy support groups.

To learn more about making an adoption plan, check out the section of the Adoption Choices of Texas website, “Creating an Adoption plan in Texas,” by following this link! 

Last-Minute Adoption Planning

It’s important to note that a last-minute adoption does not forgo an adoption plan. On the contrary, a last-minute adoption is itself an adoption plan. It is, however, an adoption plan that requires decisive decision-making. For example, you may have less time to choose your hospital, your adoptive parents, your type of adoption, and your pregnancy counseling/ support group.

Are Closed Adoptions Less Appealing?

This time crunch will make certain options less appealing than others. Namely, a Closed Adoption will become more and more difficult to pull off as your pregnancy progresses. A last-minute adoption often requires the mother to spend some time with her child before they can be properly adopted. In this case, a Closed Adoption would be impossible. 

Pros of a Last-Minute Adoption

Now that the bad news is out of the way, here’s the good news! The pros of last-second adoption are thus:

Open Adoption and Last-Minute Adoption Work Well Together

The short time frame that a last-minute adoption presents is not just a disadvantage. An Open adoption operates well in the limited time of a last-minute adoption. If your heart isn’t set on a Closed Adoption post-delivery, consider the advantages of Open adoption.

Open Adoptions are easy to pull off for the same reason that Closed Adoptions are difficult to pull off. The limited time to find adequate adoptive parents can delay the adoption process until after the birth of the child. For this reason, a mother will often spend some time with her child post-childbirth. You may become attached to your biological child in this limbo. In fact, it’s quite likely that you would become attached. Open adoption would allow you access to your birth child after they are adopted. Likewise, it would not require you to uproot your current life. 

Adoption Choices of Texas Adoption Agency 

Whether you have decided on a Closed Adoption or Open adoption, have a plan, or don’t, adoption agencies in Texas have your back! Check out the Adoption Choices of Texas website by clicking this link or looking up “putting my child up for adoption.” On the website, click on one of 7 Texan metropolitan areas. Just below the logo are links to Austen, Dallas, Irving, San Antonio, Corpus, and the Rio Grande valley. Following each link will bring you to each area’s respective contact form. Likewise, it links to an adoptive parent contact form. 

Conclusion for Pros and Cons of Last-Minute Adoption and How it Works

Whether you are in a pregnancy, considering pregnancy, or are considering adoption, your quest for parenthood is almost certainly unpredictable. Setbacks and inconveniences have certainly or will certainly come your way. Knowing this, remember that you’ve got this! There are public resources available that will help you on your journey. 

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