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Private Adoption Agencies In Texas And How They Can Help You

By Anabel Sierra

In Texas, there are public adoption agencies, and then there are private adoption agencies. Adoption Choices of Texas is a private adoption agency. But what is the difference between us and other agencies? While all agencies try to look out for your best interest during the adoption process, we allow extra liberties to birth parents. As you read on, we will dive deeper into what our private adoption agency can do for you. 

What Are Public Adoption Agencies?

So, what makes an adoption agency public? Essentially, a public agency is one that is owned by the government. With public agencies, the children are in the custody of the state due to unfortunate events such as abuse or neglect. Other aspects of a public adoption agency include: 

  • All adoptions are done within the U.S. Due to the children being in the custody of the state of the agency, placements can only be done within the United States.
  • Public adoption agencies are considered foster care adoptions. With public agencies, the end goal of a placement is to eventually return the child to their biological family.
  • Public adoptions range from newborns to the age of 17. Due to the circumstances of neglect and abuse, the range of placement ages vary.
  • Counseling support is not usually offered at public adoption agencies for birth mothers. Even though the end goal is to return the children to their parents, they do not receive counseling support from the agency. It is typically up to the parents to seek out assistance in bettering their situation. 


The Difference Of A Private Adoption Agency

When people hear the words “private adoption,” they believe that it means a closed adoption. However, that is not the case with private adoption agencies. While we do offer the option of closed adoptions, that is not all we do. Here are some key aspects our private adoption agency includes: 

  • Placements are considered permanent. When the birth mother does a placement with us, she will voluntarily relinquish her parental rights. However, depending on the adoption option she chooses, she will be able to stay in contact with the adoptive family. 
  • We offer emotional support counseling. We understand that the path of adoption can be difficult and bring up complicated emotions. That is why we offer emotional counseling as a part of your adoption plan
  • Birth parents have full control. Unlike public adoption agencies, the birth parents are able to hand-pick the family that they feel is best. 
  • We specialize in newborn placements. If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, we will do our best to assist you. 

The Private Adoption Process In Texas

Now that you know how we differ from a public adoption agency, we want to dig deeper. Adoption in Texas is different from other places. For example, due to our location, we have multiple cultures that reside here. To assist everyone, we have adoption counselors for birth parents who may not speak English. Everyone deserves assistance in dar a mi bebe en adocion

As we mentioned before, we have an adoption plan for every birth mother, as every situation is different. We offer financial assistance, housing, transportation, birth planning, and support counseling during and after your placement to all eligible birth mothers. The option to choose your adoption method is also included in your plan as well. Whether it is an open, semi-open, or closed adoption is all up to you. But what do these options entail? 

  • Open adoption – where you will meet one-on-one with the adoptive family and have the ability to maintain contact post-placement. With this option, you will be able to build a relationship with the adoptive family and be updated as your baby grows. 
  • Semi-open adoption – this is where all communication between you and the adoptive family is done through us. You will also still have the option to have updates concerning your baby, but not as often as an open adoption.
  • Closed adoption – this option is the most private that we offer. You and the adoptive parents will have no contact and you will not have any updates regarding your baby. While this is not the most common choice, like open adoption, we understand that certain situations may call for it. We want to stress that regardless of the situation’s severity, you are not a bad parent for choosing this option. 

Putting your baby up for adoption doesn’t need to be hard with us.

Choosing Private Is Choosing Yourself

If you are worried that you are not close to our agency, don’t worry. We have an adoption agency in Austin, Dallas and Houston. We want to stress that there is nothing wrong with choosing adoption. You are brave and selfless in choosing a better life for you and your baby. If you are considering putting your baby up for adoption, give us a call or visit today to learn about child adoption.

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