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Pregnancy and Adoption: Survivors of Sexual Violence

By Talia Washington

Each passing sixty-eight seconds, someone is sexually assaulted. In this moment, you are completely stripped of control and the right to consent. Healing from the experience is complex without the shock and trauma from it ending in pregnancy. We will provide adoption info for pregnant sexual assault survivors. It is always the birth mother’s choice whether to abort, raise, or place the assailant’s child up for adoption. We want to encourage, inform, and support these young women. 

Sexual assault resulting in pregnancy can bring about many emotions. Your local adoption agency is there to support you with free counseling services. Decisions must be made, and the young girls and women choosing adoption services will need support, information, and counseling. 

Sexual Assault Resulting in Pregnancy Paternal Parent’s Rights

It’s important to have the father’s rights extinguished before putting the child up for adoption. Parental rights are usually protective of each parent, although, with certain circumstances, his rights may be taken away. 

Texas requires there to be clear and convincing evidence that sexual assault led to the conception of the child. Once this is provided, the perpetrator’s rights will be null and void once the survivors petition the court. This may be daunting. However, our adoption agencies in Texas will support you during the process. 

Options for Survivors Giving Birth Due to Sexual Assault

There are many options for women dealing with unplanned pregnancy. Birth mothers often choose between placing a baby up for adoption, abortion, and raising the child. Every situation varies, and so does the accessibility for birth mothers. Many cases require slightly different resources. 

Abortion has been banned in Texas, making it extremely less accessible. Terminating the pregnancy would mean traveling out of state and participating in the procedure. The affordability of such a feat would stop women from completing the procedure.

After considering adoption and termination, the birth mother can choose to raise the child. Birth mothers choosing to raise the child may have resources like counseling and economic resources. 

 Adoption Choices of Texas understands your situation and would like to be your greatest support. It’s important to consider and respect birth mothers and their decisions. Your choice may be difficult, and you may need a strong support system. 

Resources for Birth Mothers

Adoption Choices of Texas provides comfort and safety by providing adoption resources. Our resources will aid in the adoption process. It’s important to help birth mothers create a safe, open space so they can focus on healthily delivering the child.

Financial Support may be granted depending on your circumstances and the available resources. Adoption Choices of Texas wants you to understand that you are important and will be held up throughout this difficult time. 

This is why it’s important to note that birth mothers fully control the adoption process

Our adoption services help the child find parents with common interests, morals, and beliefs. Birth mothers have a hand in how the child is raised if you so choose. 

Adoption Choices of Texas also ensures comfort and safety by providing resources. The following contact information is to report sexual and domestic abuse. 

  • Texas Sexual Abuse Hotline: 1-800-252-5400 
  • Texas Domestic Violence Hotline: 800-799-7233

The list provided by the adoption agency will ensure your comfort, safety, and rest.

Counseling for Sexual Assault Survivors

Adoption Choices of Texa understands you’re in the midst of the most difficult circumstances imaginable. You have survived a horrendous attack and found that you are pregnant as a result. The circumstance of the unplanned pregnancy is challenging, and it’s hard to think anyone truly understands the pain and anguish you feel.

Support for survivors of sexual assault is a huge part of ensuring our birth mothers’ health and wellness. Adoption agencies are here to support you in whatever way necessary during this difficult time. Our agency is there to support you in any way we can. Your needs may be different than others, which means the resources and support you receive may also look different.

Please note that birth mothers are courageous in whichever choice they make. Birth mothers must know they are not alone. Adoption Choices of Texas will provide support when requested for the health and benefit of you and the child. We will never judge or force any treatment or care onto you, as we want you to feel safe, comfortable, and encouraged if you are a woman considering adoption and seeking information on how to create a birth plan.

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