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In celebrating National Adoption Month, we are asking, “Why it is important to celebrate adoption”

Natalie Bross speaks out:

My adoption story is slightly different than a typical newborn adoption. My mom and birth father were married when they had me but he left shortly after I was born.

My mom married my dad, who adopted me, just before my 3rd birthday. He’s the only dad I’ve ever known.

I’m thankful to say that my dad is healthy and thriving today, but about 15 years ago he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer; news that created uncertainty and fear for our family. My mom said that the day they found out about my dad’s cancer, he sat there for a long time and then looked at my mom and said, “Natalie will have to start getting checkups in the next few years.” Meaning, I would have to be screened earlier than usual because of my dad’s now medical history. My mom didn’t know what to say. He forgot he adopted me. He literally forgot I was adopted. I can’t describe what it feels like to know someone loves you like that. It creates an inner resilience against the pains of the world. It soothes the aches that come along with the daily grind.

I choose to work in adoption because it’s an overflow of who I am. It’s also my sincerest hope that every child being adopted gets to experience the type of love that I’ve been lucky enough to have with my dad. My life is undoubtedly better because of my adoption.

This is why I believe it’s important to celebrate adoption. Lives are changed for the better.

Natalie B,

Marketing Director for Adoption Choices of Texas

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