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Kenna works for Adoption Choices of Texas as an Adoption Counselor in the Austin Area. She has her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Direct Practice Social Work. She has had the privilege of working with birth parents and adoptive families over the years both with Adoption Choices of Texas and during her previous employment as a Perinatal Social Worker at a local hospital.

We had the privilege of spending One Minute With Kenna…

Briefly, what are your top three reasons you love working for Adoption Choices of Texas?

I love my job with Adoption Choices of Texas and value my time working with birth parents and adoptive parents. As an Adoption Counselor, my role involves assisting expectant parents in creating an adoption plan for their unborn child. I cherish this role, as I know that most expectant parents have not come to this decision easily. I consider it an honor to be allowed into this sensitive time in an individual’s life. I want to do anything I can to empower them in making the choice they feel is best for their child. Our agency has an amazing team of professionals, who understand that everyone faces different circumstances and has unique needs.

Do you believe we (Adoption Choices of Texas) are the best at what we do?

I often receive feedback from medical professionals in the Perinatal field, commenting on how our Adoption Choices of Texas team goes above and beyond to support birth parents during their pregnancy, especially accompanying them to doctor’s appointments, as well as providing them with post placement grief support. Our adoption counselors make themselves available to walk beside the client through the entire adoption journey, this includes the physical, mental, and emotional aspects. We guide and support our clients in creating an adoption plan that meets their needs and wishes.

Describe a memorable day at work you recently had.

This line of work involves many memorable moments that can take your breath away. One specifically that stays with me, involved a complex client with many struggles including homelessness, mental health, domestic violence, substance use, and a limited support system. She sought out Adoption Choices of Texas to provide adoption assistance and during my time with her, we developed a strong rapport. I was there with her as her labor progressed and the baby decided to arrive before the adoptive parents could be present in the delivery room. My client asked me to stay with her for the birth, hold her hand, and cut the umbilical cord.

A woman who had only known me for a few months trusted me to be her support, beside her during one of the most emotional moments of her life. After that last push, she reached for me and that is a hug I won’t soon forget. It is moments like that delivery, that leave me with a sense of pride. I am proud of the birth parents, who weigh their options and have the courage to make the selfless decision to create an adoption plan. I am proud of the adoptive parents, who bring another life into their family and then raise that child with an immense amount of love. And I am proud of our agency for making adoption possible for so many expectant parents, who fear they have no where to turn.

How does your background help benefit birth parents and adoptive parents?  and How did you start working with Adoption Choices of Texas?

I am a Licensed Master’s Level Social Worker, who has worked in the Perinatal field for all of my career, specifically in the inpatient hospital setting. My experience as a Social Worker in the Perinatal units, including Antepartum, Labor & Delivery, Postpartum, and the Neonatal ICU, allows me unique knowledge of pregnancy, as well as hospital policies and procedures related to adoptions. Years ago, while working in the hospital setting, I had the pleasure of working alongside an ACTX Adoption Counselor on a case. That ACTX Adoption Counselor stood out to me for her compassionate and dedicated work ethic, so when I decided I wanted to pursue employment in the adoption field, I immediately sought out Adoption Choices of Texas. Here I am now!

Finally, what is your advice for any new birth parents when considering an agency adoption?

Adoption often brings a rollercoaster of emotions for expectant parents, considering their options. I take my responsibility as an Adoption Counselor very seriously in representing all parties of the Adoption Triangle (birth parents, adoptive parents, and the adoptee). I encourage parents to find an agency that will act as your advocate throughout the adoption process. This is not something you have to face alone. Adoption Choices of Texas is here for you!

Kenna brings unique experience and passion for adoption to her current role. She believes Adoption Choices of Texas is an amazing organization and is grateful to work with such a dedicated group of professionals. Thank you Kenna for taking your time and helping our community get to know us  little bit better.

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