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We are excited to introduce you to Justin and Burke! Justin and Burke are the happy loving parents of two beautiful boys! We especially appreciate Justin and Burke taking one minute with us. As a same-sex couple in a world where there is a negative stigma on both same-sex marriage and same-sex adoption, we hope to share a more positive light that same-sex couples offer the same loving families as any couple.

Many questions arise for same-sex couples and we hope we can answer a few with Justin and Burke’s story.

Same-Sex Family – Open Adoption:

Was adopting easier or harder than you imagined?

The process certainly happened faster than we thought it would.  What we liked about going the private adoption route was the fact that we had specialists in our corner who’s job it was to make sure we were matched with the best family.

With such an open relationship with your birth mom, do you fear that someday your child might turn to her as a more traditional “mom”, turning away from you; or want her more involved, as “mom”, in day to day life?

There is nothing in the world that will turn our kids away from us or make them any less of ‘our children.’ We think destiny is going to play out however its intended to. Our original definition of ‘open’ has changed over time and will likely continue to evolve. As long as there is healthy boundaries and communication, we don’t think it will go wrong. The most important aspect about open adoption is that our kids are going to grow up understanding that they came from a place of love. Having their birth moms involved in their lives just means there are that many more people who love our boys.  It takes a village… and the bigger the village, the better.

What did you find in working with Adoption Choices of Texas that made your adoption journey special or unique?

We felt like we received a lot of personal attention. We did not feel like a number or one of hundreds of clients. They treated us like we were their only customer – even though we knew that we weren’t.

Did you attempt to work with any agencies prior to Adoption Choices of Texas?


If not, how did you find Adoption Choices of Texas? 

Through Burke’s friend from high school, who used to work for Adoption Choices.

If you could wrap your adoption story up with one sentence, what would it be?

If our adoption story had played out the way we planned, we would have been short changed – God’s plan for our family was much better.


What beautiful sentiments Justin and Burke. We thank you so much for sharing your time and story with us!


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