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AdoptopNavigating Adoption When the Father is Unknown

By Patricia Arce

If the father of your baby is unsupportive or uninterested, or his whereabouts are unknown, you may feel added stress when deciding to place your baby up for adoption. Adoption is still an option you have without the support of your birth father because it is a loving choice you get to decide on for your child’s future. With Adoption Choices of Texas, we can help you navigate your unplanned pregnancy. Your birth father’s absence does not have to make the adoption process unmanageable. We are here to help empower you to make the best choice for yourself and your child.  

Adoption is a Loving Choice

If you find yourself faced with an unplanned pregnancy, you may feel like adoption isn’t an option for you. Deciding to place your baby for adoption alone is difficult. However, with Adoption Choices of Texas, you are not all. We can help you navigate feelings of grief, provide informative information about adoption plans, and be the support system you need. As a licensed by the State of Texas, we want to provide professional, full-service adoption assistance. We understand that everyone faces different circumstances and has different needs. We are here to help. Adoption is a loving choice that reflects your love and deep concern for your child’s future. It is a selfless act, and together, we can ensure your child is placed in a safe, supportive, and loving home. 

También tenemos opciones para adoption de bebés con Adoption Choices of Texas.

Adoption with an Unknown Father

Adoption is always a loving option that you can make, even when the father’s identity or whereabouts are unknown. This may add complications to your adoption options, but we can help you navigate all these challenges. Ultimately, we want to help you understand that adoption intends to provide your child with a stable, nurturing home, and you are involved in those loving decisions. It’s important to understand the role your birth father may have in your adoption process.

  • Unknown Whereabouts: If the birth father’s whereabouts are unknown or he has abandoned the mother, his consent would not be needed.
  • Unknown Identity: If there is no claimed or presumed paternity, the birth father’s consent is not needed. 
  • Uninterested: If there is no claimed or presumed paternity, the birth father’s consent is not needed. 
  • Unsupportive: If there is no claimed or presumed paternity, the birth father’s consent is not needed. Adoption Choices of Texas can also provide support to navigate any more hesitations. 

Steps for Adoption

Once you have made the loving decision to choose adoption, what should you do next? With some adoption agencies in Texas, the adoption process can feel like you are navigating it alone. With Adoption Choices of Texas, you will have a clear guide when selecting the best adoption plan for you. 

  • Contact a licensed adoption agency: When you work with us, you can have the necessary guidance and support you desire. We always provide counseling for our birth mothers.
  • Consult an Adoption Attorney: When you are dealing with your birth father’s involvement, it is important to consult a professional. They will be able to tell you what necessary steps you may need to take. With Adoption Choices of Texas, we will provide you with an attorney and will pay the fees as well. 
  • Parental Rights Process: Once you have consulted with an attorney, you will need to terminate your parental rights to proceed with adoption, as well your attorney may require your birth father’s consent in specific cases. This means you, and possibly your birth father, are consenting to the legal process of ending your parent-child relationship.
  • Financial Assistance: We will cover appropriate living expenses for birth mothers who need help.

We are always here to help. With us, the adoption process in Texas ultimately aims to connect birth mothers with compatible adoptive families. We provide you with all the necessary tools so that you can choose the best family for your child. Adoption is always a loving choice, even when the father is not involved. When you choose adoption you are demonstrating profound love and selfness to ensure the well-being and future of your child.

Contact Adoption Choices of Texas for More Adoption Information

Adoption in Texas may require the consent of both birth parents, but we can help you navigate that need. If you seek help during your adoption process, it can help alleviate your stress. With Adoption Choices of Texas, our adoption professional can help you navigate your adoption process. We can help you understand your rights as a birth mother and the role the birth father has in the adoption. Our adoption agency can provide counseling and financial guidance. We offer one-on-one support you can not find anywhere else. We will help you make the best decision for you and your child. Contact Adoption Choices of Texas for a free consultation

Si necesitas ayuda para adoption de bebes, Adoption Choices of Texas puede ayudarte.

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