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National Adoption Month: What is Adoption?

By Madeline McRae

National adoption month is upon us! Which is really great for spreading the word about what adoption was back then and what it means now. We’ll go through the history of adoption, and the triumphs adoption has overcome. The benefits for women that choose adoption, why it’s important, and more. Our private adoption agencies believe in spreading the word about how adoption can help a child and a birth mother and can benefit many communities. 

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The History of Adoption

In the 19th century, adoption was a very hush-hush act. Most children who were put up for adoption were placed with other families and labeled to avoid being illegitimate. The stigma for mothers that had conceived children out of wedlock was a great social threat so putting a baby up for adoption (either by force by family or a doctor) was a safer option for the child. Other reasons include poverty, illness, or family crisis. A lot of the time, the children would be placed with caring and loving families, but there was always a great chance of them being put into a family that would exploit them for labor and profit without the birth mother having any idea. Sadly there were no U.S laws until 1851 that protected children.

In 1851 the Adoption of Children Act was based, which ensured the child’s safety in any situation and offered any help if needed (financially, illness, etc.). And if there was any act of selfishness from the adult toward the child, there would be consequences.

Why It’s Important to Understand Adoption

Adoption can be an important thing because it can show how far the world has come when it comes to the safety of the birth mother/parents and the child. Adoption is also important because it shows how far the world has come with access to safety, different options for family choices, and overall health (either physically or mentally). Having the choice of what to do with your life can be super beneficial for birth mothers. Getting back control and having your own choices of what to do can be amazing.

The Benefits of Choosing Adoption

One of the many perks of choosing adoption is the transparency of the adoption plan. Adoption Choices of Texas will gladly provide you with adoption info and elaborate on each form of transparency that you can choose from, such as: closed, semi-open, and open. Depending on your adoption type, you can decide how often to contact the adoptive parents and child. Other perks that can come with adoption that can be beneficial to the birth mother include:

  • Provides financial and medical assistance to birth mothers
  • Having control over your own adoption plan and your child’s future
  • You help create an extended family through adoption
  • The birth mother can choose how transparent they’d like to be throughout the adoption plan

Adoption Might Be the Right Move for You

The adoption process may be an intimidating one as it can consist of a lot of paperwork and other hoops to jump through. Although the adoption process can be tedious, we should look back at what it was before. National adoption month shows how far we’ve come in adoption. Knowing adoption’s history and how it’s helped birth mothers’ mental and physical health can be beneficial.

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