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Misconceptions about Texas Birth Mothers

By Carl Roth

Among unplanned pregnancy options, adoption is widely celebrated and embraced by the general public. Adoption agencies work tirelessly to meet the needs of both birth parents and waiting adoptive families throughout the adoption process. However, this doesn’t stop anxious birth mothers from wondering, “Will I be judged for choosing adoption for my baby?”

Unfortunately, not everybody shares a purely positive view of all parties involved in adoption, and birth mothers are sometimes evaluated unfairly. Awareness of these negative perceptions and why they’re incorrect is potentially helpful for birth mothers beginning their journey. 

Adoption Choices of Texas is happy to be your guide through the Texas adoption landscape. As one of the premier private adoption agencies in the state, we collaborate with birth mothers of all kinds on personalized adoption plans

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3 Misconceptions about Texas Birth Mothers

1. Why would people judge me for giving up my baby for adoption? 

Most people today are strongly sympathetic towards birth mothers’ situations, and negative perceptions are often overblown. But unfortunately, not everybody reserves judgment in their viewpoint of adoption and the mothers who select this path. Whether based on media, misconstrued observations, or a general lack of empathy, birth parents are not without their detractors. 

Much criticism aimed at birth mothers assumes their adoption decision is made with underlying dispassion for their child. An uninformed outsider may decide that birth mothers must simply be lazy if they cannot raise their child. These outsiders may not be capable of imagining a situation that could warrant such desperate measures for an expectant mother. One of the most commonly held adoption misconceptions is that birth mothers view their baby as a problem.

These viewpoints don’t typically come from places of malice but rather apprehension towards the unfamiliar. If you encounter these opinions virtually or in person, try your best to empathize with their misunderstanding. Doing so may allow them an opportunity to imagine themselves in your shoes, a key step in finding needed commonality. Some people also have a tendency to assume birth mothers hold a helpless or weak standing in the world. Those who look down on birth mothers at large would be surprised at the strength and tenacity they regularly demonstrate. 

2. How are these birth mother generalizations faulty? 

There’s so much the casual onlooker won’t perceive regarding birth parents’ adoption decisions. The unfortunate difficulty faced by those unfamiliar to them can distract from the essential human elements at play. Love, compassion, and devotion to those close to us are inherent, and who is closer than a pregnant mother and her child?

Choosing and going through with adoption is an ordeal that birth mothers suffer over, contrary to the beliefs of some. Parting with one’s child does not happen without a deeply personal struggle. The value you place on your child’s life is priceless, and nobody can diminish the difficulty accompanying adoption. No two birth mothers conclude the same way, but the journey always requires resolve, not indifference. 

Coming from all walks and stages of life, they continue battling through a myriad of existing responsibilities during unplanned pregnancies. Younger birth mothers are often in school with academic commitments pressuring them on all sides. These commitments are rarely take a back seat during the adoption process, despite the challenges of advancing pregnancy stages. Women in the workforce facing unplanned pregnancies don’t have it any easier. They face the added mental pressure of coming to important adoption process decisions while continuing to meet workplace performance expectations.

Then there are birth mothers who are already raising a family of their own at home. They understand the labor of love that is child-rearing, and laziness has no part in their decision-making outlook. The spectrum of birth mothers all demonstrates the determination and fidelity that is sometimes missed from the outside. 

3. What are the best emotional support options during/after the adoption process? 

Overcoming the judgment of others is not a task you need to take on alone. An adoption is a wonderful act of love and selflessness, but it won’t be free of intrusive doubt, guilt, or negativity. Whether you’ve experienced some degree of these feelings or not, helpful confidants at your side can assist in coping effectively.

If the thought of outside judgment is getting through to you, loved ones can shield you with protective kindness. A circle of allies can be invaluable during your adoption journey, especially if you begin to lose faith in your plan. When you don’t feel strong, your inner circle can be strong for you. Their unconditional love can be the boost that allows you to carry on through the toughest days. 

While the support of your peers is tremendously meaningful along the path to adoption, professional help can be equally beneficial. The insight and experience birth mother counselors have to offer proves especially helpful in serving unique adoption elements. Getting in touch with an adoption counselor is simpler and cheaper (actually free!) than you might think. Partnering with Adoption Choices of Texas means you’ll have a private adoption agency at your side to address your every concern.

If you’d like to get in touch with a birth mother support group, we can link you to one nearby. Talking openly about your experiences with women who share in your struggle can be particularly cathartic. Whatever support options appeal most to you, our agency is available to serve Texas birth mothers and their babies. 

Where to get the Texas adoption to help you deserve

Though outside noise can distract from the overwhelming positivity, Adoption Choices of Texas cultivates a warm approach to adoption planning. We enable Texas birth mothers to seize control of their situations and access invaluable resources during the adoption process. If you’re looking for a Texas adoption agency to answer all your questions and make every necessary arrangement, look no further.

As an expectant woman or birth parent, to learn more about adoption, contact Adoption Choices of Texas. You can call us at 945-444-0333, text us at 945-444-0333, or email us here. If you are hoping to adopt, please visit us here. We look forward to helping you through your adoption journey!

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