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Misconceptions About Adoption In Texas 

By Conner Sura

Are you a birth mother currently experiencing an unplanned pregnancy? Adoption Choices of Texas is here to help you search for the right option for adoption in Texas. We understand that adoption can seem towering and impossible to comprehend. Many of the misconceptions stemmed from Hollywood, books, and the general lack of knowledge. 

Adoption Choices of Texas’s goal is breaking the fabrications that have come as the result of the misconceptions. We are here to provide the truth about adoption so that you know what’s best for your child. 

5 Common Misconceptions about Adoption

1. My Pregnancy Is Too Expensive, So That Means I Can’t Afford the Adoption

This one usually stems from well-meaning people. Pregnancy is a very expensive and stressful experience. Adoption Choice of Texas, with our adoption agencies in San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, and Houston, can help you create a birth or adoption plan that suits your needs. We provide a cost-free adoption plan, financial and medical help, housing care, and supportive counseling. We want our birth mother to feel comfortable during this difficult process. 

2. Birth Mothers Are Mostly Teenagers And Come From Poor Backgrounds 

We’ve all heard the expression that one size does not fit all, and this expression extends to adoption as well. A common misconception is that birth mother’s come are teenagers and/or come from poor backgrounds. This is an unfortunate fallacy that stems from media portrayals. 

Birth mothers come from all walks of life. Yes, a few might be teens and come from poor backgrounds. More than often, a birth mother is not someone who can take care of her child. May it be from an unplanned pregnancy, job change, or the mother experiencing a mental health crisis. There are many reasons why a birth mother may give up her baby, and we can’t assume anything. 

3. Adoption Is Selfish 

Another unfortunate misconception is that the act of adoption is selfish. This myth comes from a lack of understanding of why mothers give up their babies. Birth mothers giving up their children doesn’t stem from them being selfish. Every mother wants what is best for their child, and sometimes they can not provide the best life for their child. When faced with these situations, birth mothers may place their child up for adoption

Giving up a child for adoption is an incredibly painful thing to do and a lot of mothers suffer from grief. Grief is debilitating, and that’s why we offer supportive counseling to grieving birth mothers. 

4. Adopted Children Shouldn’t Know Their Birth Mother

Another common misconception is that adopted children shouldn’t know or have any contact with their birth mother. This misconception perpetrates a myth that adopted children knowing who their parents are confuses the child. Yet, this could not be more untrue. 

Adoption Choices of Texas stands behind birth mothers no matter what kind of adoption she chooses. Only the birth brother knows what is best for her child. However, studies have shown that adopted children who were part of an open adoption program have better self-worth and esteem. The child knowing where they came from and the reason why the adoption happened. Can alleviate the stress of being given up for adoption. Helping the child with potential abandonment issues that may be present. 

During your adoption process,  Adoption Choices of Texas can provide a better insight to help you to see what’s best for you and your child.

5. Everyone Can Adopt 

Although, it may seem like anyone can adopt and many couples are eligible for adoption. Everyone can apply for adoption, however, only certain people get approved. During the application review process, every applicant gets carefully reviewed. 

We want every birth mother to feel secure while going through the adoption process. Every applicant must pass a Texas state home study to see if they are fit for adoption. A home study is when a state agency checks the applicant’s home to make sure that they would be fit to adopt. Every applicant goes through a criminal background check to make sure they would be a good fit for the child. 

Adoption may seem scary because you’re giving your child to a stranger. We take every step to make your child can grow up in a healthy and loving home. It is not as straightforward as many think. Only the best applicants are able to adopt.

Adoption Choices of Texas Provides Real Choices For Adoption 

Adoption Choices of Texas understands how hard the adoption process can be, and we are here to help you every step of the way. Providing birth mothers with real choices from a real adoption agency that supports their financial, healthcare, and emotional needs.If you need any support or want to know more about adoption in Texas, call Adoption Choices of Texas today! 

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