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Movie: Meet the Robinsons

Directors: Stephen J. Anderson, Stephen Anderson

Published: 2007

Rating: G

Movie Summary: “An orphan who dreams of someday finding a family to call his own finds his fate taking an unexpected turn when a mysterious stranger named Wilbur Robinson transports him into the future. Based on the book ‘A Day With Wilbur Robinson’ by William Joyce, ‘Meet the Robinsons’ tells the story of a boy with a lifelong wish to belong, and shows what happens when he meets an incredible collection of characters who just might have the power to make his wildest fantasies come true” from

Rating: 4/5 stars

What this movie did excellently

“Meet the Robinsons” did a great job of drawing viewers into the movie with its emotional storyline and relatable characters. This can be especially seen through the main character, Lewis, who is an orphan looking for a new family. Additionally, the idea of going into the future and seeing new technology that could have a possibility of being created is always fun and appealing.

Lewis’ adoption story contains the message that finding a new family who fits the adoptee is worth the wait. This message is a positive and accurate one, even if the wait for Lewis was filled with bumps and problems along the way. This movie teaches adoptees that life isn’t as straightforward as other movies and literature make it out to be. Additionally, many aspects about the adoption process were on-target. To learn more about adoption, visit the Adoption Choices’ website.

 What this movie could improve on

Some aspects of the story could have been explained better or expounded upon. A few examples of this includes: Lewis’ roommate, Michael, staying in the same clothes for years and finding himself alone at the orphanage, how Lewis managed to stop the bowler hat robot before appearing in the board meeting, and how certain technology or relationships in the Robinson family worked. These aspects sometimes didn’t make sense or weren’t true to real life, although they were most likely on purpose.

Who should watch this movie

Anyone looking for a story about finding one’s family and oneself should watch this movie. The characters are memorable, along with some of the jokes and situations the writers throw at viewers. While some aspects of the movie could have been changed to give more sense to the plot, overall, this movie is a great watch.

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