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Life After Placing Your Baby for Adoption

By Moki Murillo

“I am having an unplanned pregnancy. How do I go about putting my child up for adoption?”

If you are looking for a TX adoption, thankfully, you have many options. Adoption Choices of Texas is an adoption agency that allows birth mothers to have input in the adoption process. We have adoption agencies in Odessa, adoption agencies in Dallas, and adoption agencies elsewhere in Texas. Our TX adoption services are always free to birth mothers, but that doesn’t mean that adoption is without cost.

Most birth mothers have good reasons to pursue child adoption. Many, for one reason or another, don’t have a stable environment to raise their child in. Other birth mothers already have children, and they can’t afford to raise more. Whatever the reasons, birth mothers are often thoughtful people whose priority is their child’s well-being. Unfortunately, many birth mothers also feel guilt and remorse over making this decision.

Many feel that they have abandoned their child. Others mourn the life they could have had with their child. These feelings are often exacerbated by conditions, such as postpartum depression, and can lead to greater trauma. This is why Adoption Choices of Texas encourages birth mothers to take care of themselves through the adoption process. It is also equally important that you continue practicing self-care afterward.

Our Adoption Resources for Self-Care

Austin adoptions, Houston adoptions, and adoptions in San Antonio TX require you to form an adoption plan. Our adoption agencies in Dallas and others throughout Texas also require adoption plans as part of the adoption process. This adoption plan determines which family adopts your baby as well as your adoption type. Your adoption plan also allows you to have access to resources, such as mental health services. While these resources are free, you need to be eligible to access them. Eligibility largely depends on your circumstances, such as financial status or if you are living with your parents. Your adoption specialist should tell you which resources you have access to.

Open Adoptions

Most people think that birth parents won’t ever see their child again after the adoption process is over. However, this is only true for closed adoptions, where there is no contact with the adoptive family. Open adoptions, on the other hand, allow contact between the two parties. You can even make personal visits if you have the adoptive parents’ consent. Our Austin adoptions and Houston adoptions, among others in Texas, allow the birth mother to choose between these adoption types. There are also semi-open adoptions that allow indirect contact but not personal visits.

Most of the time, keeping contact with the adoptee is good for a birth mother’s mental health. Although the adoptive parents retain legal custody, you can form a special relationship with your child. Not only will this help your mental health, but this relationship can also benefit your child. You can help your child come to terms with their identity by telling them where they came from. This is especially helpful if the adoptive parents are from a different race or culture.

Adoption Resources: Mental Health

There is, of course, nothing wrong with choosing a closed adoption if you feel that it is best. You know your own circumstances the best, after all. Regardless of which adoption type you choose, we still recommend that you practice self-care during the adoption process. As part of your adoption plan, we can provide free mental health services if you are eligible. Since mental health needs can vary wildly, our adoption agencies offer a variety of services.

If you are seeking adoption in San Antonio, TX, for example, you can make use of traditional therapy sessions. One-on-one therapy sessions with a single professional should allow birth mothers to identify their problems more easily. Ideally, this should allow these problems to become more tangible and easier to solve. Alternatively, group therapy sessions can allow you to listen to the struggles of other birth mothers. Hopefully, this will grant you insight that you can apply to your own struggles. If those don’t work for you, then your specialist can give you a list of other therapies to try.

Our resources include more than therapy, however. Adoption Choices of Texas can connect you to multiple support groups that you can join. Support groups allow you to form bonds of community with other birth mothers who understand your struggles. These bonds should pull you out of mental isolation, which is often harmful to birth mothers. We also offer retreats, which can allow you to escape your everyday problems for a time. Going on a retreat should mentally recharge you before returning to your normal life.

The Long Road After Adoption

Although our agencies can provide resources to aid in your mental recovery, they won’t magically solve all your problems. Therapy and support groups can help, but you will have to do most of the legwork. You still have to live with these difficult emotions, and you will most likely have bad days. After all, mental recovery is a process. To get through it, you need to be patient with yourself and practice self-care. Thankfully, you have more options beyond the resources we provide.

The support of your friends and family can also aid in your mental recovery. Like with support groups, your support network can help you get out of isolation and begin the real recovery. Unfortunately, not every birth mother has this support, but we encourage you to seek it out nonetheless. Whether it’s from a support group or elsewhere, outside support can be a great relief to your mental state.

Life After Adoption

Another priority, perhaps the most important, is what you will do after adoption. Adoption Choices of Texas will still pay for your mental health services for six weeks after placement. You can even arrange for more long-term support. However, you still need to be able to live your life after your child is placed with another family. 

In addition to self-care, you need to believe in your own future. If you want it, there is nothing wrong with trying to have a family of your own. Choosing adoption doesn’t cut you off from this, nor does it say anything about your fitness as a mother. You know you weren’t ready to be a mother then, and that is fine. Even if you have a relationship with the adoptee, nothing is stopping you from having your own family. You deserve to have a life after the adoption process.

If you need help with pursuing adoption in Texas, call Adoption Choices of Texas today.

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