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Birth Mother Stories

Adoption is not spoken about as comfortably as other choices to be made unfortunately. I myself come from a background where it’s not welcomed and never spoken about, yet other drastic choices are. However being a Mom of two daughters and expecting another in a point in my life where I know I needed help. Being a Mom and knowing I will love each one of my daughters with all my heart. To love is one thing. To care for them the best way I can mentally, physically, and emotionally is another. To want more for your child more than you are capable of at the time being is another. My experience with Adoption Choices of Texas and with my counselor Ashley Daly was phenomenal. Depending on your comfort level of the relationship you are wanting when it comes to adoption no matter what it is they respect it. Whether it’s wanting to know everything or wanting to know very little, it is respected. The support and the reassurance working with this agency never failed me. To constantly be treated with respect and support through a important decision like adoption is crucial. Ashley quickly became a friend that I needed in my eyes more than an adoption specialist. Ashley has been here for me from beginning to end and still here. I was scared at first of the unknown, but I was sure of what I wanted for my child and that was more than I could offer. However a waiting family is ready to offer. Now a child that is now a loved blessing to two families that love as one. My family and theirs as one. Every choice is a hard one to be made but for me I made the best one for my child. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the respect, support, and true heart into what she does of Ashley. I am now more educated about adoption and even more now reassured that I made the best choice for my family. Exactly why I am writing a story long review in hopes that a mother in the same situation I was in can read this and know adoption is a choice. This agency actually cares and if you are lucky enough as I was you will get to work with someone as phenomenal as Ashley Daly. It takes a village to raise a child do not be afraid to make the choice to expand that village.

Birth Parent

Our experience with open adoption through Adoption Choices of Texas has been very positive. To us, open adoption means giving our child the best life possible, while still getting to be a part of it. We knew from the beginning that we wouldn’t be able to provide our son with everything he needed, so we agreed adoption was what was best for all three of us. We were nervous at the thought of not seeing him grow up and not knowing what was going on in his life, but through open adoption we still get to know him and see him grow. As soon as we met our son’s adoptive dads, all of our fears disappeared. We felt a connection and knew instantly that he was meant to be with this family. Our relationship formed naturally. They attended every doctor’s appointment after the match. They were able to be a part of the pregnancy and were even in the room when he was born. We wanted to provide breast milk for our son so that he could get all the great benefits. I pumped for about 4 weeks after his birth and met with the adoptive parents weekly to give them the milk. We have a very close relationship. We receive pictures and updates regularly and meet up at least once a month. Adoption is a rollercoaster, but we wouldn’t trade our son’s family for the world.
Morgan and Matt

Birth Parents

My experience with this agency is outstanding. Never could I ever imagined meeting people who cared so much about my needs and making sure that I was comfortable with this adoption. Adoption itself is a very complicated procedure and also a very emotional rollercoaster but with the help of Adoption Choices of Texas I got through it and now I look back and I have no regrets. I am so thankful to have someone like Jennifer. She made a major impact on my life and I am forever grateful.

Birth Parent

As a dad in the situation, I was very nervous and scared as to how everything would pan out. These are the most kind, thoughtful and caring people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Kenna is dedicated to comforting you in this hard decision you make in your life. She is nothing but supportive and finds a way to ease all of the negative away from the moment. Jennifer is strong and one of the most amazing people I have ever spoken to. I called and was terrified about how to go forward and she encouraged me to stay tough even though I thought I couldn’t anymore. She had faith in me to push through because she knows her staff is able to help in these kind of moments. I will always be grateful and in their debt for helping me in this time. I would like to thank everyone at Adoption Choices of Texas for being wonderful people and making me feel like I was cared about just as much as the child. If you are looking into adoption,  they are the best place to go and consult. Don’t be afraid, these people are here to help and assist, not to judge. Do what’s right for your child, and don’t be scared to do it. I will always love everyone who helped us at Adoption Choices of Texas. Thank you so much.
Johnathan Hernandez

Birth Parent

I had a great experience overall. My adoption counselor and go to person (Kenna) was amazing! Not only was I completely comfortable with sharing everything with her, but she was very resourceful and always checked on me. She made sure that everything I wanted during all of this, and at delivery went exactly as planned. I found the best family I could possibly find for my child to be apart of their family. Adoption Choices definitely do their background and research on the adopted families. I am at peace knowing that my child was placed in a loving, nurturing home and that I do not have to worry. Kenna was even at the hospital with me the day of delivery and made sure I was comfortable and that she was at my fingertips in case I needed her for ANYTHING. She truly went above and beyond for me during the process from start to finish. As well as continues to check on me 3 weeks after the delivery. I had an amazing experience and have been more at peace with everything just because of the staff at Adoption Choices, and the adopted family that I chose through their agency. I would definitely give this agency 5 stars and would recommend them to any birth mother looking for a great outcome for themselves as well as their child. My daughter was blessed with an amazing family through this company and I could not have found a better family. This company is so compassionate and loving as if they were making the choices right along with you. They definitely enjoy what they do, and do what they say and say what they mean!!! Overall I had a great experience! Thanks Adoption Choices, and Kenna!!!
Lindsey D.

Birth Parent

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