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I Just Gave Birth But I’m Not Ready To Be A Parent

If you have just given birth to your baby but you are not ready to be a parent there is no need to panic. You can still go with the adoption process after the birth of your baby. These are called last-minute adoptions and here at Adoption Choices of Texas, we have experience with these kinds of adoptions and can help. You will go through the same process as if you contacted us at the beginning of your unwanted pregnancy. Now the process might be sped up but our staff will help guide you and support you through all the steps of the process. You will be able to look at adoptive families and decide on which one you think is best for your baby and one that you feel the most comfortable with. You will also get to decide if you want your adoption plan to be open or closed as well as set up any communication with the adoptive family and your baby once the adoption is complete.

It Is Never Too Late For Adoption in Texas

Whether you just found out about your unplanned pregnancy or just gave birth to your child, adoption is always a choice if you are not ready to be a parent. Here at Adoption Choices of Texas, we know that after giving birth to your baby you can feel stressed and panicking because you are not sure what to do. It is important to remember that you have options available to you with adoption being one. As mentioned before, the process might be sped up compared to normal but it is nothing to be afraid of. Our staff is here to help you and support you on your adoption journey.

How Much Time Do I Have To Choose Adoption After Birth?

You can still do an adoption after the birth of your baby as mentioned before but the time frame you have to come to this decision is small. If you have just given birth and do not want to be a parent at this time in your life please contact us as soon as you can and we can help you get the adoption process started. We can meet you in your hospital room or at the place of your choosing to walk you through the process. By doing this we can get your adoption plan finalized so that when your baby can check out of the hospital they can go with the adoptive family that you have selected in your adoption plan! Adoption in Texas is always an option for you!

What if the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services Is Involved In My Life?

If the DFPS is involved in your life there is nothing to be worried about. You still have the choice to do a private adoption. This type of adoption is where you choose the adoptive parent. For this type of adoption, you will work directly with the proposed adoptive parent or family without an agency and agency fees. This allows you to have more direct contact with the adoptive parent or family and communicate with them about your proposed adoption.  

Your Baby Could Fall Under The Safe Baby Haven Law

There is a law in Texas that states if your baby is born within seventy-two hours you can drop your baby off at a safe haven point. Adoption Choices of Texas is one of these points and you can drop your baby off with us. If you wish to stay anonymous you can and you can complete this drop-off with no questions asked or you can choose to participate in the adoption process mentioned above!

Adoption Choices of Texas is Here For You Even When You Are Not Ready to Be a Parent!

You can find all of our contact information at the Adoption Choices of Texas website! It is never too late to choose the adoption process and our staff here are ready and waiting to help you on your adoption journey. Again our staff is here to help guide you and support you through this process. By the end of it, you will have an adoption plan that you are comfortable with and you will be feeling safe and secure about your baby’s future! As an expectant woman or birth parent, to learn more about adoption, contact Adoption Choices of Texas. You can call us at 888-307-3340, text us at 888-307-3340, or email us here. If you are hoping to adopt, please visit us here. We look forward to helping you through your adoption journey!


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