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Help! I Need an Adoption Professional in Texas

By Charley Lustig

Adoption can seem like a daunting option. You may be unfamiliar with the process or feel alone and lost in navigating through it. Giving up your baby for adoption can stimulate so many emotions that you find yourself in an internal civil war. But you don’t have to be overwhelmed, confused, or lost. Here at Adoption Choices of Texas, we provide you with the ultimate guide for your adoption journey.

As soon as you begin your adoption process, you will be given a personal counselor. However, your professional adoption specialist will be with you every step of the way and offer many benefits. At Adoption Choices of Texas, we are licensed by the State of Texas to provide for birth mothers statewide. 

Here are some ways our adoption professionals can be of assistance to you!

Offer Advice and Support for Birth Mothers

Giving up your baby for adoption might be the hardest decision you make. And with that, there is a strong current of emotions that may tug at you from every direction. You might try explaining your situation and feelings to those closest to you, but they are unable to fully understand. Our compassionate professionals are here to listen and can offer personal advice if requested. Now lonely birth mothers can have someone that fully understands and offers advice for their journey.

In addition, our local adoption agencies cater specifically to you. This includes those choosing adoption in Dallas and adoption in San Antonio. We are able to meet birth mothers where they are physically on top of our professional’s ability to adhere to emotional needs. Given our extensive experience, our professionals are no strangers to the emotional roller coaster many birth mothers go on. Counseling and support groups are offered in response at no charge! 

Help You Create an Adoption Plan

You may have never expected yourself to be in a situation with an unplanned pregnancy, much less adoption. Now you are considering baby adoption. But you don’t know where to start or what it all entails. All in all, the world of adoption may be a foreign territory to you. 

This is completely understandable, and we don’t expect you to come in knowing everything! Therefore, we have a professional for every category. Adoption Choices of Texas has experienced professionals in:

  • Child Placement 
  • Social Services
  • Case Management 
  • Adoption Specialism
  • Home Study Specialism

Your adoption specialist will be your main contact and personal guide. They will answer any and all questions from start to finish. In addition, they will create an adoption plan based on your needs and show you potential adoptive families. Here, at our adoption agencies, you will always be in a no-pressure atmosphere. 

Click here to see more about who your adoption professionals are! 

Direct You to Accessible Birth Mother Resources

From the moment that pregnancy test turns positive, nothing will be the same, at least for the next nine months or so. You are now responsible for covering higher expenses, including medical and/or living. It is widely known that there are programs made to help you and your baby. It’s a whole other adventure to figure out what you qualify for and how to access them. 

Adoption Choices of Texas wants the best for you and your baby. As a licensed agency, we can offer support with:

  • Financial Stability 
  • Medical Care
  • Safe Housing

Our local adoption agencies are familiar with resources in your area. With the help of our adoption specialists, we can ensure you and your baby are provided for during your pregnancy. 

Contact Adoption Choices of Texas to Meet With Your Adoption Professional Today!

No matter if you are set on adoption or still considering it, be sure to reach out to Adoption Choices of Texas. From there, we can assist you in making the right decision for yourself and your baby. 

If you do choose adoption, then your personal counselor will be sure to set you up for successful adoption. You will be in charge of making each and every decision. And during so, our adoption counselors will offer their advice and best support. 

Even though your adoption specialist plays a large role in your experience, you will always be the one to decide. This is a challenging time, and you are in a vulnerable position as a birth mother. We promise to fit your needs to the best of our abilities. Our adoption specialists will meet you where you need to be met. Each journey is unique, and we are honored to become a part of yours.

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