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Hiding pregnancy because of heartbeat bill? You can still do a Texas adoption plan

By Rachel Smith

The Texas Fetal Heartbeat Ban Bill prevents the termination of a pregnancy after a fetus’ first heartbeat. Expectant mothers must then carry to term. This can be very worrisome for women who are unprepared to raise a child (or another child), don’t want to raise a child, or aren’t quite ready to parent. Fortunately, adoption for your baby is an option. Giving your child up for adoption can ease the stress of raising a child. It can also provide your child with a safe, nurturing environment. And it doesn’t mean you are giving up!

Adoption Choices of Texas is here to help birth moms through the Texas adoption process. The private adoption agency advocates for mothers by valuing their privacy and providing an opportunity to take control of their situation. 

Adoption Process in Texas

Our Texas adoption center was created to support expectant mothers in cases where parenthood is not an option. Our local adoption agencies are filled with caring staff ready to help you through your difficult situation. Once a birth mother contacts our offices, we get to work right away. Our confidential services will help you formulate an adoption plan and discuss any legal paperwork birth mothers may need. Our understanding staff will address any Texas adoption requirements or concerns. 

As we value the well-being of birth moms and their babies, we also help with other needs. Our licensed agency can help provide financial support, housing, and access to health care to which all birth mothers and babies need. An adoption is still an option even if you are far along in your pregnancy and have received no prenatal care. Contact our adoption agency near you to learn more about this free support!

Adoption Privacy: Confidential, No Judgement

Adoption Choices of Texas values its birth mother’s privacy and autonomy. Our local adoption agencies offer three kinds of adoption; open, semi-open, and closed. For birth mothers who want to move past their pregnancy or keep it hidden, closed adoption might be for them. Closed adoptions prevent sharing information about the adoptive family and birth mother, allowing both to live separate lives. 

For birth mothers wanting to keep their pregnancy hidden, this option can help do so. If closed adoptions are too much, however, there are other choices for how the two parties choose to interact, perhaps a semi-open adoption is a better fit.

Outside of the type of adoption, birth mothers can also choose the family they wish to adopt out their baby. All available families are loving, carefully screened, certified, and ready to provide for your child. 

Creating an Adoption Plan after the Heartbeat Bill

The heartbeat ban bill may strike fear in some birth mothers. However, there is no need to worry. Adoption Choices of Texas provides an out for birth moms who may feel anxious about raising a child. If you have been impacted by the heartbeat bill and wish to keep your pregnancy hidden, we can help. Contact our adoption agency in Dallas or one near you for more information. An adoption is always an option with Adoption Choices of Texas


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