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Having a Baby After Placing One for Adoption 

By River Jean-Noel

First things first: placing a baby for adoption doesn’t limit your future. If you previously placed a baby for adoption but are now considering having a baby, you may question yourself. “Can I have a family after placing a baby for adoption?” The answer is simple: of course! 

Your situation before may not have been favorable for raising a child. You made the best and most selfless choice by placing your baby for adoption. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have a baby and start your own family afterward, though. 

Even if you are in the process of creating an adoption plan, you may think about raising a baby in the future. Adoption Choices of Texas can help you consider which adoption type is the best for you if you mention your future desires. 

Positive Impact of Placing a Baby for Adoption

If you’re dealing with an unplanned pregnancy and are considering adoption, there are benefits. 

With adoption, you’re planning a successful future for your child. You know your reasons for placing your baby for adoption. You know that raising them may not be the best option right now due to certain circumstances. When you choose adoption, you make a choice out of love. 

  • Placing a child for adoption gives them a chance at a successful future.
  • Birth mothers also have access to supportive counseling to help cope.
  • Birth mothers can keep in touch with the baby’s progress from the adoptive couple.
  • A birth mother can focus on her life and prepare for when she wants to have a family.

With these positive aspects in mind, rest assured that creating a family after an adoption process isn’t a negative thing. It’s all just a matter of timing and preparedness. Adoption Choices of Texas is a no-judgment zone. We’re just here to support birth mothers. No matter what choice you make. 

What to Do If I Feel Guilty about Placing My Child for Adoption? 

The adoption process is very emotionally taxing. Feelings of guilt, shame, or sadness after placing a baby for adoption are normal. Sometimes, knowing that you made the right choice is not enough. You can still get stuck in a cycle of thinking about ‘what ifs.’ You are not alone in this, and you deserve to get closure so that you can move on. Your past doesn’t determine your future possibilities. Life is always changing, and if you’re ready to have and raise a baby now, you can celebrate that. If you need someone to talk to about this decision, consider counseling, group therapy, or support groups.

When you seek adoption services, the agency should have access to resources to help. 

Starting a Family After Placing a Baby for Adoption

You are now at a point in your life where you feel ready to start a family. Allow yourself to feel excited and hopeful. You know your situation better than anyone. Don’t let feelings of guilt stop you from creating a family. When you placed your baby for adoption, you did the best you could for your child at that time. This previous choice doesn’t stop you from being able to start a family later. 

It’s important to remember to allow yourself to heal from your decision. Placing your baby for adoption was an emotional roller coaster. If you still feel guilty or anxious about making that choice, seek counseling to help you process those emotions.  

Reasons to Start a Family After Placing a Baby for Adoption

Raising a child is a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Having dealt with an unplanned pregnancy, it’s all the more satisfying and exciting to have a planned one. 

Birth mothers always have the right to decide when is the right time for her to have a baby. Reasons a birth mother might choose to start a family after creating an adoption plan for a previous pregnancy include: 

  • She is older and more prepared emotionally.
  • The birth mother is financially stable and can provide the standard of life she wants for her child.
  • Now that she’s in a happy, loving relationship, she wants to have a baby with her partner.
  • She planned the pregnancy and is prepared for a family! 

You may want to start a family now that your situation has changed. If you feel that you are emotionally stable, financially ready, and fit to raise a baby, nothing should stop you.

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