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Having a prospective birth mother choose you to raise her child is a priceless gift that you can never repay. She gave you the gift of parenthood, and conveying your gratitude for her is difficult because, in truth, there are no words to describe how thankful you are for her.

This is why many adoptive parents choose to express their feelings for their child’s birth mother by giving her a meaningful gift at the hospital when the baby is born! It’s a gesture that supports and reassures her of their decision. The gift you give will be a constant reminder of the love you are giving her child. Here are a few good gift ideas that Adoption Choices of Texas came up with to get you started!

  1. Photo Album

A photo album can be a beautiful gift. You can include a few photos from the hospital stay in the front pages, leaving empty spots for the photos and letters your child’s birth mother will receive over the years. Alternatively, an adoption memory book is also a great idea! With this, you can create a more involved memory book. In addition to photos, it includes mementos from the adoption process, like your original adoptive family profile, email and text exchanges, and things from the hospital stay. Like a photo album, you can leave blank pages for the memories still to come.

2.Commemorative Jewelry

Giving your child’s birth mother jewelry she can wear as a reminder of the child she placed for adoption is a great gift idea! You can personalize a necklace with the adoption symbol, the baby’s birth date, or the baby’s name so that she can have a constant reminder of her little love. Another option would be to give her a matching necklace or bracelet, one that she keeps and one that you keep for your child to have when he or she grows older. This way they will always feel connected. Whatever personalization you choose, though, make sure it’s subtle. This way, the birth mother is not constantly asked about the jewelry’s meaning.

  1. Hand or Footprint Art

Hand or footprint art is a simple and great way for your child’s birth mom to feel connected to her baby. Pinterest is full of amazing DIY projects and gift ideas! You can make a handprint into just about any gift, and it captures your child’s little hands in that perfect baby phase that goes by so quickly. If you make it into an ornament, the birth mother can hang it up every year during the holidays and feel that her baby is there with her. Alternatively, you can opt for a non-ornament type gift. Frame it so that she can have it out all year.

4.Keepsake Stuffed Animals

A birth mother will likely be looking for comfort after placing her child for adoption. You may choose to gift her a stuffed animal that matches one your child will grow up with — as a reminder of her child and as something that she can embrace when she’s feeling lonely. If you aren’t able to make the bear yourself, you can check out this online store which specializes in keepsake bears and quilts.

  1. Flowers

Flowers are always a cheery sight for birth mothers, whether it’s in their hospital room or when they arrive back home postpartum. While it is a simple gift, it’s one that can go a long way when they are dealing with complicated emotions of grief and loss. A bouquet of flowers is a great way to show her how much she means to you. If possible, pair the flowers with a picture of her and your child to boost the significance!

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