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Finding My Baby A Family During The Holidays

By Alexis Watson

You notice the season change from fall to winter, stores prepare for the upcoming holidays, and families make plans and trips. You are experiencing a whirlwind of emotions as you consider adoption for your unplanned pregnancy. Placing your child up for adoption around the festive holiday season can be intimidating especially as fears and concerns emerge. You might question, “should I be putting my child up for adoption?” You might wonder how you’ll locate a loving adoptive family during the cheery season and what resources are available. Living in popular major cities might inundate you with options of agencies and overwhelm you with information. Comparisons of services and benefits between agencies such as adoption agencies in Odessa versus adoption agencies in Dallas are normal. All of these concerns are normal. At Adoption Choices of Texas we are here to help. We are a team of educated and experienced specialists that support and champion the needs of our birth mothers. This includes you. We’ll help you better understand the TX adoption process and answer any and all questions.

Adoption process in Texas

You had an unplanned pregnancy and now you are considering moving forward with the adoption process. We understand how overwhelming this process can be especially during the holiday season. Questions such as, “What is the adoption process?” and “How does the holiday season impact the adoption process?” may pop up. You might research things like “adoption San Antonio TX”, “Austin adoption” or “Houston adoption’ for answers. Knowing what resources are available to you and how to access them might be an area of concern. At Adoption Choices of Texas we have local adoption experts ready to answer all of your questions and connect you to our growing network of support and resources. We provide counseling and emotional support to our birth mothers to help them feel comfortable throughout the entire adoption process. 

So, what is the TX adoption process? 

Beginning Your Adoption Journey

The adoption process in Texas mandates every individual looking at child adoption to complete the adoption process. The first step for potential adoptive parents is to submit a completed adoption application. When potential adoptive parents begin their process, they must be 21 years of age or older, complete a criminal background search, agree to submit to a child abuse check, show financial stability, complete and pass a home study and provide multiple personal and professional references. Adoption Choices of Texas ensures all adoptive parents go through an exhaustive screening process to ensure that every child when placed, will be placed in a loving and stable home especially during the holiday season. The extensive screening process provides birth mothers comfort while going on their journey. 

Create an Adoption Plan

Another important step is to create and develop an adoption plan that suits your needs. Consider whether or not you prefer a private adoption or a public adoption. A private adoption allows the birth mother to use an agency such as Austin adoption when considering adoption. As the birth mother considering private adoption, you will have more influence and the ability to make decisions. A public adoption is viewed as foster care. Children in foster care range in age, disabilities, and may have siblings. The birth mother doesn’t have much influence on decisions as the concern is centered on the welfare of the child.  With private and public adoptions, it’s important to think about open adoption, semi-open adoption or a closed adoption. How much contact you want with the adopting family is completely up to you. Houston adoption and adoption San Antonio TX provides birth mothers with the option to choose which type of adoption best fits their needs. 

Open adoption allows frequent communication to happen between the birth mother and the adoptive family. Normally, open adoption is tailored to the desires of the birth parent and these can change throughout the adoption process. Semi-open adoption allows the adoptive family to provide major life updates about the child to the birth mother. Finally, closed adoption is just that…closed. No information nor any updates are shared between the adoptive family and the birth mother. Our experts at Adoption Choices of Texas will help you decide what is most comfortable for you. 

The Birth Father and His Involvement in the Adoption

The next step to consider is the involvement of the father of your child. As the birth mother, you are the lead decision maker. Though the father has rights, his rights vary. If the father wants to be involved and is supportive of your adoption plan and the adoption process, consider how he can best support you. If he chooses to not be involved or isn’t supportive he can release all his rights to you. Upon doing so, as the birth mother, you will be sole decision maker. 

Decision Time: Choosing the Adoptive Family

Choosing the adoptive family is another important step in the process. How involved you want to be in getting to know the adoptive family is completely up to you. You can decide to spend a lot of time with the adoptive family throughout your pregnancy or not. You can decide to have no involvement and the adoption agency will handle everything. 

Create a Birth Plan

As you get closer to your due date, it is important to create, develop and share your birthing plan. Consider thinking about the location of your delivery, who you want in the delivery room, changing the room aesthetics to provide max comfort during delivery and which delivery option best suits your medical needs. Upon delivery, as the birth mother, you must wait a full 48 hours before signing any adoption paperwork. 

Our adoption agencies in Dallas, a private agency that advocates for and ensures the needs of the birth mother are met,  will assist you. We will help you create both a birth and adoption plan, provide financial assistance, screen and match you with potential adoptive families. We will also provide you with counseling and emotional support. It is important that we provide you with consistent support while embarking on this courageous process during the holiday season. You are not in this alone. 

Available Adoption Resources

Going through the adoption process can be overwhelming. It is important that you are connected to resources. At Adoption Choices of Texas, we have a range of professionals available to answer any of your questions and concerns. We are also able to provide you with ongoing counseling and additional support, aid in finding you financial assistance to cover any medical costs pertaining to the pregnancy, assist with living expenses as necessary and much more. 

If you are still contemplating whether or not adoption is the choice for you, Adoption Choices of Texas can help. We will walk you through the adoption process and help with developing an adoption plan unique to you. Give us a call or stop by whenever you’re ready. 

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