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Early Adoption: Planning Your Child’s Texas Adoption At Around the 14 Week Mark

While some birth parents take a great time to deliberate and consider their childcare options, others, for one reason or another, know quite early on that they want their child to be adopted. Since pregnancy is often an exciting yet emotional time around the 16 weeks or 4-month mark, this is when these early-bird parents typically decide adoption is right for them and their child. Adoption Choices of Texas is prepared to handle adoptions before and even after delivery. This is why we want to walk you through what to expect and how our adoption agencies in San Antonio, Austin, Houston and Dallas can help bring your bundle of joy to the world, and into a loving home.

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What To Expect Leading Up to the 16th Week of Your Pregnancy

14 Weeks – At 14 weeks, you will probably start to feel the symptoms of pregnancy start to subside. For many, nausea and morning sickness decreases, and appetite increases. After all, you are eating for two! You may even find that you have to use the restroom less during the day. Many 14 week mothers start to regain a bit of their energy. Perfect for getting you moving to the maternity section to cover up your new baby bump! One important thing to keep in mind during this stage is to ensure that you stay as safe from germs as possible as your immune system is lowered to avoid attacking the nursing baby. Another great reason to keep washing your hands.

Babywise, your child will start to sprout some more hair on their head and eyebrows. The child is approximately the size of an orange or about 4 inches long. Look at em’ grow!

15 Weeks – At 15 weeks you will feel better than you have in a while! This is the time period where virtually all of those pesky early pregnancy symptoms vanish. You are left feeling good, while still being small enough to be mobile and active. You will most likely start to gain a considerable amount of weight starting at 15 weeks. The goal is to gain about one pound a week here on out. At this point, you will start to look pregnant, as your child has reached the 4-inch mark and is now about the size of a pear. 

Make sure that you keep consistent eating habits like eating breakfast each day. The most common occurrence at the 15-week mark is bleeding gums caused by hormone-induced gingivitis. Though it sounds scary, it can be managed and cured by time and effective dental habits. So keep on brushing! 

16 Weeks – 16 weeks or 4 months down, 24 more weeks to go! By this time, your pregnancy belly will really start to show as your uterus expands and you gain more weight. It is natural that your baby bump might make you self-conscious or unhappy, but remember that every pound gained is proof that your child is well. Although you may be inclined to compare your bump to others on Instagram or pregnancy sites, understand that the size of the stomach depends on a woman’s frame, build, and amount of previous pregnancies. It may be hard, but do your best to remain upbeat and confident in your body image. After all, no one looks good in a hospital gown anyway so it won’t matter for long! 

At this stage, you may also experience nasal congestion due to hormones in your mucus membranes acting off-balance. We suggest the use of a saline spray or humidifier to deal with these symptoms. You may also face back pain as your tummy expands. While you may want to lie down to fix this, gentle yoga or pilates is a much better solution. They will allow the tense muscles in the back to loosen under the pressure.

Now your child will begin to enter the 5-inch territory or the size of a large avocado. Their eyes and ears will be receptive to both light and your voice respectively. Their skin will also be a bit see-through. Which is cool, but kinda freaky!

Reasons Why You May Want To Place Your Child Up For Adoption At Around 16 Weeks Pregnant

You are looking to plan ahead – Whether it is a family vacation, college, or adoption, it is always good to want to plan ahead. Giving yourself time to properly arrange and prepare for any effort, especially adoption in Texas, is always a great idea. For many birth parents, the ups and downs of pregnancy are challenging enough in themselves. It makes sense for arents feeling this way to want to opt for early adoption so that once the child is born, normal life can resume a bit quicker. In this same vein, some parents understand that their life after the birth of the child would not allow for time to be taken to complete the Texas adoption process. Many families have minimal childcare available and a limited period of maternity leave that does not extend to the time required to complete an adoption after birth. In this case, making an advanced plan and sticking to it could be the road to success.

You are not excited about the child’s arrival and want to place them for adoption as soon as possible – Some birth parents, especially those of an unplanned pregnancy, are not excited about the birth of their child, and that’s ok! It is important to remember that parenthood is about doing what is best for your child, and not always the most exciting. If you would like the child to be placed as soon as they are born, early adoption is for you. It would allow you to be out of the hospital and back to your desired life faster than you can say Adoption Choices of Texas.

You have realized you cannot properly care for the child – Some parents who were planning on raising their child reach the 16-week mark and realize that parenting is not for them. Around this time, many of the realities and logistics of being a parent become apparent. Whether it is a lack of resources or the proper environment for childcare, there is no shame in being able to admit that you are not equipped to care for the child yourself. As mentioned, it is incredibly noble to be able to acknowledge that you cannot tend to your child and place them with those who can.

Completing Early Adoption in Texas

At Adoption Choices of Texas, we are prepared to handle your adoption no matter the stage of pregnancy. When you are ready to talk adoption, so are we. Our team has expertly handled dozens of early adoption cases with ease and warmth. So there is not a second to lose, give us a call, or send us a text or email today!

As an expectant woman or birth parent, to learn more about adoption, contact Adoption Choices of Texas. You can call us at 945-444-0333, text us at 945-444-0333, or email us here. If you are hoping to adopt, please visit us here. We look forward to helping you through your adoption journey!

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