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Counseling After Putting a Baby Up for Adoption

By Shaina Santagata

Facing an unplanned pregnancy may have felt as if your life was a rollercoaster ride and you were barely staying on the tracks. It was a scary time, and you desperately needed support from those around you. No matter what the circumstances were that brought you here, you made the beautiful decision of putting your baby up for adoption. You did what was best for yourself and for your baby. While one part of your journey of being a birth mother has taken place, there is still another one yet to begin.

After finding the best family to adopt your baby, you felt a sense of relief that your child would be given a wonderful life. Many birth mothers have found their way to this point in the journey after creating their adoption plan and going through the adoption process. Now you, like them, may be wondering what happens next. 

Should I Consider Counseling after Putting My Baby Up for Adoption?

Throughout the adoption process, your focus was on the quality of life you would be setting up for your child with their new adoptive family. You should be happy, right? You shouldn’t be feeling sadness or even a little grief. But that might not be the case, and how you’re actually feeling is normal. Here at Adoption Choices of Texas, we have trained counseling professionals who are happy to take some of the heavy weight off your shoulders and your heart.

Throughout your child’s adoption, how many people close to you knew precisely what you were feeling, why, and when? Some birth mothers don’t have anyone in their corner. Perhaps your unexpected baby was not the news you felt ready to share. You undoubtedly had all sorts of concerns swirling through your mind then, and you still do. We want you to know it’s okay, and that’s the fantastic thing about counseling. It gives you the safe space to talk about the more challenging aspects of what you’ve been going through. Your mental health is essential and can impact your overall well-being. Counseling can provide healthy coping mechanisms and tools to assist you in overcoming any current and future hurdles. Our counselors are state-wide and are ready whenever you are!

Should I Consider Having Another Baby in the Future?

The short answer is absolutely! Do not let anyone (not even yourself) make you feel any type of guilt for putting your baby up for adoption. Nor should you feel like you can’t or shouldn’t have another baby in the future. It might not have been the right time to bring a baby into your life, and you don’t owe anyone an explanation as to why adoption was the ideal scenario.

There are many reasons why a birth mother chooses to work with an adoption agency. It allows her to get on her feet financially if she is struggling. She might feel too young to be a mother and wants to achieve some of her goals before settling down with a family. The birth father may not be a healthy partner, and the birth mother has to choose what’s safest for her and her baby. Whatever your reasons, if you want to have a baby in the future, you should!

Are there Adoption Support Groups?

Yes! Adoption Choices of Texas has support groups on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. We want everyone to remember that each birth mother reserves the right to have their own experience and share it respectfully. What took place for you might be different for another.

Our team will support you via call, text, email, or social media wherever you feel the most comfortable. The decision to put your baby up for adoption is a challenging one to make, especially on your own. Should you join a group, get a feel for it by reading through the comments and what others may have said about their experiences. If it feels right and resonates with you, we encourage you to join in and receive the support you deserve.

Our mission and passion is to provide birth mothers and their babies with a bright and loving future.

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